Team Call 2018-05-02

May 2, 2018
Meet Joanne Mulhall and Mert Karakilic
This week: Building Healthy Foundations !
A certified Iridology, Sclerology, and Holistic Practitioner and a 100 Pound Club Hero ~ our guests took charge of their futures, followed a Healthy Nutritional Support Program and were rewarded with energy, ageless vitality and a blueprint for success.
Meet Joanne Mulhall and Mert Karakilic
As a certified Iridology, Sclerology, and Holistic Practitioner, Joanne certainly had the background and experience to select the best products to maintain her own health.

Even so, with 3 children and an active life, she struggled to find the energy to get through her busy day.

When Kim Bohlman first suggested Nutritional Cleansing to Joanne, she was skeptical. A 3-way call with Susan Sly helped clear up her questions and gave her the confidence to order her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System.

A short period of time later, Joanne's energy began flooding back. She woke up rested, refreshed and energized ~ no more afternoon naps or 8 pm bedtimes!

"I had done cleanses before, but never with the combined approach of a System of high quality ingredients to really rebalance my body. This is what sets Isagenix apart!"

14 years of Isagenix maintenance later, Joanne is still impressed. "Isagenix has improved my energy, helped me maintain my weight and gain lean muscle ~ and no one guesses my correct age. I must admit, I like that!"

Of course, Joanne shared her discovery and began building her Isagenix Team. "Once I appreciated how the products were formulated ~ to really complement and work synergistically with each other ~ it was obvious that I was going to make Isagenix the foundational program for all my clients."

"I have helped coach directly and indirectly well over a thousand people. I have added a significant income stream to my health practice ~ income I know I would not have if I continued to simply trade my time for money."

One person who has also chosen Isagenix as the foundation for his healthy lifestyle is Mert Karakilic.
Mert's inspiration to change his lifestyle came while watching his young son at play.

At an unhealthy 321 pounds, Mert wondered if he would still be alive to see his son's wedding day.

"What if he is mad at me for not trying hard enough to overcome my own personal issues ~ to be the Father and Hero he deserves? I felt that I had failed him already. What kind of a role model was I setting for him ~ being overweight and inactive?"

That very question shaped Mert's 'Why' and became his driving force to become the best father, husband, son and friend he could be.

Two years ago, Mert found the Tools, Products and Community Support to build his new healthy foundation in Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing.

Seven IsaBody Challenges and 137 pounds later, Mert is transformed ~ now a proud member of the Isagenix 100 Pound Club.

Mert has gone from walking barely 1000 steps a day to a dedicated exerciser and distance runner. "I am full of energy. I love playing with my kids and exploring outdoors. I see my eldest repeating exercises I do around the house, flexing his biceps and shouting ~ Look daddy, I am as strong as you!. ~ That alone is worth all the effort!"

What was once Mert's dream is now a daily reality. "My sons look at me now and truly think I am Superman. For once in my life I feel invincible ~ strong, happy and content inside and out."

"Isagenix gives us the power to accomplish something incredible. We all deserve to be healthy and happy! I love inspiring my family and many others out there every day ~ spreading the word that change is possible with these amazing products."
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