Team Call 2018-04-11

April 11, 2018
Pete Kaufmann, Lexie Neonakis and Mindy Schwartz
This week: Making The Right Choice !
An Entrepreneur and Musician, a Certified Ayurveda and Yoga Practitioner and a Public School Teacher ~ our guests made the right choice and followed a simple Program that led them to a healthy new lifestyle filled with energy, focus and financial success.
Pete Kaufmann, Lexie Neonakis and Mindy Schwartz
When Pete Kaufmann and his wife Wendy first started on the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, they planned to only follow it for a month. That was four years and a lifestyle ago.

In 2014, Pete was impressed by a gym friend's Isagenix results. He was cautious though, as Wendy had undergone therapy for stage 3 breast cancer only 4 years before.

After careful research, they both signed up for their first Isagenix Programs. Shortly after ~ they were hooked for life.

"We had never seen results like that in our lives and more importantly ~ WE FELT AMAZING!", says Pete.

Pete went on to shed 30 lbs while Wendy shed 17 lbs. Later, following the simple Isagenix Maintenance Plan, Pete released another 11 lbs and Wendy another 15!

Of course, with results like that, people noticed. Through friends, relatives and referrals, Pete and Wendy began building their Isagenix Team.

The extra income stream from their Isagenix business made a huge difference. Pete was a struggling professional drummer and Wendy worked in corporate America. With medical bills and a home in foreclosure, they barely made ends meet.

Following the example and mentorship of Isagenix Superstar Alexis Romano kicked their business into high gear. Working hard, they retired Wendy from her corporate job after the first year ~ and kept building on their success from there.

Today, financially free with a growing international Isagenix Team, the couple has moved from New Jersey to their dream home in New Orleans.

"The greatest part of all our Isagenix success is watching our team succeed. This is the greatest business. When your team succeeds, YOU succeed. It's the ultimate win-win ~ helping others transform their health and their finances as well."

Two Team Members who also made the right choice are Lexie Neonakis and Mindy Schwartz.
As a certified Ayurveda and yoga practitioner, Lexie knew that her lifestyle and health were way out of balance.

Between stress, fatigue and overwork, she was now a tired, cranky, busy Mom ~ carrying an extra 20 pounds of 'baby weight' that seemed impossible to lose.

After seeing Facebook posts by Pete Kaufmann ~ an old high school friend ~ Lexie spent months researching the Isagenix products and ingredients. She was blown away by what she found. Here were the Ayurvedic herbs, vitamins, minerals and pure nutrition she had been missing!

Her push to make the right choice came while struggling to put on her jeans ~ they immediately ripped at the seams! Lexie called Pete and ordered her Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program that same day.

Within a short period of time her energy came back, aches and body discomforts disappeared and the extra pounds seemed to shed themselves. She slept better and woke up happy! The difference was so incredible, it inspired her husband to start his own Isagenix Program ~ with similar great results!

With the Isagenix Maintenance Program, Lexie has not only maintained her original 14 pound weight loss ~ three years later, she is fitter, leaner and stronger. Her entire family has benefited as well.

"My kids ~ now 5 and 8 years old ~ are healthier because of it. They love the Shakes, the Bars and Whey Thins ~ and even ask for the Immune Booster to be added to their shakes. There is nothing better than having healthy children!"

Lexie's transformation has been more than just physical. "Since I began my Isagenix journey, I've gained confidence in myself, in my voice and in my purpose. I've lost my fear of putting myself out there. Each year since I began coaching, my Isagenix income has doubled.”

"I don't worry about finances or the future anymore. Instead I am excited about it. That alone is life changing ! "
At 50, Lexie's friend Mindy was struggling with the aches and pains of getting older ~ while trying to find the energy to keep up with her 6-year old daughter.

Thanks to her 'persistent' friend and coach Lexie, she found her solution ~ and so much more ~ in Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing.

In addition to shedding 7 pounds and 14 inches, Mindy regained her energy and found a new sense of peace, well-being and clarity.

Two years of Isagenix maintenance later, the benefits have only grown.

"My daily life has become much more joyful. I jump out of bed to start my day. By the time I wake my daughter up, I have a huge smile on my face. We are living the life I always dreamed of but did not know how to attain."
Sharing her new lifestyle and becoming an Isagenix coach was a natural fit for Mindy.

With the constant support of Lexie and her Team, she simply shifted the skills learned through 25 years as a Teacher and trainer to health and wellness.

"In all my years as a student or professional, I have never experienced a company or group of people with such integrity, positivity and team spirit as the Isagenix community."

Building her Team, attending life-changing Isagenix events together and devoting time to personal development have given Mindy a new vision for herself, her family and all those around her ~ "Abundance in Health, Joy and Financial Freedom."

"Choosing Isagenix has transformed every aspect of my life. I look and feel great, I am earning extra income and I am helping others get healthy in mind and body too."
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