Team Call 2018-04-04

April 4, 2018
Alicia Pina, Sandra Rivera and Sandra Guajardo
This week: Hometown Girls Changing Lives !
A former Teacher and Certified Natural Health Professional, a Teacher and Guidance Counselor and a former School District Secretary ~ with the energy, vitality and focus they found through their new healthy lifestyle, our Weslaco Texas Girls continue making a difference in the lives of everyone they meet.
Meet Alicia Pina, Sandra Rivera and Sandra Guajardo
28 years as a Teacher had taken their toll on Alicia. At age 46, stressed, sick and tired with barely enough energy to think, she was close to giving up.

Finding the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program renewed Alicia's energy and her life purpose. Two dress sizes and 15 pounds later, Alicia was energized and ready to tackle the world again ~ even her complexion cleared up!

Alicia's transformation refueled her passion to help everyone she could. Sharing her message of health and financial freedom with friends came naturally. Alicia quickly moved from getting her products paid for to a full-time income from her Isagenix business.

"Isagenix made my FREEDOM DAY Financially Possible ~ so I retired from teaching at age 50 to devote all my time to helping others and building my Isagenix Team !" says Alicia.
At the same time, Alicia joined her first IsaBody Challenge. Ten years later ~ at age 60 ~ she is still going strong, conquering Challenge after Challenge.

Pursuing her passion for healthy aging and vitality, Alicia has become a Certified Natural Health Practitioner.

She continues to actively build her Isagenix Team ~ helping transform lives both around the world and right in her old home town of Weslaco, Texas.

This month, Alicia ~ along with her Team mates and "Hometown Girls", Sandra Rivera and Sandra Guajardo ~ are excited to celebrate their achievements as Isagenix February Frenzy Winners!
Sandra Rivera was also in dire need of a solution when she was introduced to Isagenix by Alicia.

Plagued by body and head discomfort, low energy and mental fog, she was convinced she would die at an early age.

Overeating to feel better only made her situation worse ~ adding an ever-growing weight problem to her troubles.

Endless dieting and weight-loss products never seemed to help either ~ she always seemed to gain back even more weight than she had lost.

Following a 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program was her breakthrough. Isagenix changed not only how Sandra looked, but also how she felt about herself. The discomfort in her head and body quickly diminished, her energy returned and she found new joy in her life.

Encouraged, Sandra went on to shed over 100 pounds and was recognized and honored as a proud member of the Isagenix 100-Pound Club on stage at Isagenix Celebration in Las Vegas !!

As Sandra transformed, friends and family wanted to know why she looked younger, slimmer and healthier. Sandra's Isagenix Business was born! She decided to share the gift of Isagenix with everyone she met.

"I began earning an income, which I love and everyday I thank God that I feel amazing, helping the people I love and making money!"

"I am very proud to share that I recently achieved the Isagenix February Frenzy ~ earning more than $1700! WOOJOO!

Sandra's new joy and enthusiasm touched the lives of everyone around her including her own friend Sandra Guajardo.
Tired, stressed, diabetic with high cholesterol and fibromyalgia ~ Sandra Guajardo thought she was just aging ~ fast !

She was skeptical when Sandra Riviera first suggested Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing as a solution.

Her friend was persistent though, and after two and a half months Sandra finally agreed to a home presentation.

Inspired by Sandra Rivera's transformation, she signed up for a 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing program and discovered that age really is just a number.

She quickly dropped from a size 18-20 to a size 14, shedding 25 pounds and many inches along the way. As her discomfort diminished and her mental clarity and energy returned, she began to feel ~ and look ~ years younger.

"I'm excited with the wonderful Isagenix products. I feel and look better now than when I was years younger. I have all this energy, and I have better focus and mental clarity."

Sandra's greatest joy today is knowing she will be there, strong and healthy, for her family and grandchildren.

As a busy school district secretary, Sandra was always clocking in and out and running to meet deadlines. "Sure I had a steady income and great benefits ~ but the freedom that I’m having now with Isagenix is priceless."

"I earned extra income these past years with Isagenix and was able to pay off several of my loans. By sharing my story and these amazing products, I can help others and build the solid financial future of my dreams. So I am giving it my 100% ! "
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