Team Call 2018-03-07

March 7, 2018
Meet Jodi Bloom and Jennifer Schatzberg
This week: Success Without Compromise !
A former Corporate Executive and MBA and an MBA mom entrepreneur ~ our guests are childhood friends who re-energized their lives and built successful new careers on their own terms through their passion for health, freedom and helping others.
Meet Jodi Bloom and Jennifer Schatzberg
Jodi followed the traditional road to Corporate Success. She got her MBA and worked her way up the ladder to an executive position with a six-figure income.

But the stressful corporate culture constantly forced her to choose between her job and her family. As the pressure mounted, her family, job and health all began to suffer.

Unhappy and unfulfilled, Jodi walked away from corporate life to devote herself to raising her three children.

"I really wanted to be able to contribute to the finances of my family", says Jodi. "But I couldn't find a career where I would able to make good money and have the flexibility to be there for my kids. Fortunately, Isagenix came along and changed my life."

For years, Jodi had watched as Alexis Romano and other high school friends posted amazing stories about the health and financial benefits they had achieved with Isagenix.

After gaining 15 pounds following knee surgery, Jodi was ready to give the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program a try for herself.

She soon began to feel the difference in her own body ~ eventually shedding 19 pounds! She called Alexis and said "I am in! I am going to build a business with you and these amazing products!"
Jodi has indeed gone on to build her own successful Isagenix Team. "With Isagenix, I realized there absolutely was a better way ~ I could have it all !"

"I now have the opportunity to help provide for my family, without sacrificing time with my family or being pushed to the sidelines like many working moms in the corporate world."

"I am inspired on a daily basis by the most amazing Team-mates and by helping others to reach their goals with the use of our incredible nutritional products and systems."

One of those inspiring Team-mates is Jennifer Schatzberg.
With the birth of her second child, Jennifer had also left an important corporate position to devote more time to her family.

Over the following years she had many jobs but they were exactly that ~ just jobs. She had never found the thing she would both truly love to do and that would be financially rewarding as well.

A facebook post by Jodi, her friend of 43 years, rolling out her new Nutritional Cleansing business caught her eye. Hearing the excitement and commitment in Jodi's voice when she called her, started Jennifer thinking.

Her interest was confirmed when her husband came home that same day, announcing that he too had spoken to Jodi and was excited to start an Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System.

When Jennifer called Jodi back to join Isagenix herself, she knew she was going to build a business. When she shed 9 pounds and got back into a bikini at age 47, she knew she had chosen the right company to go into business with.

"From the beginning, this felt like FUN... and not just fun, but actually making connections and helping people too! I was so excited to share nutritional cleansing and all the ways in which it helped, not just me, but my family and friends too !"

Almost three years later, Jennifer has maintained her weight and her healthy lifestyle. She continues to build her successful Isagenix business, traveling to events and meeting Team-mates.

"It has been incredible! I have never once regretted getting involved in this AMAZING company. In fact, quite the opposite. I have never been involved in a culture like this before."

"I am my own boss and I can work from anywhere! I am so grateful that at age 47, I found something I am passionate about ~ that I get to help people, make new friends and renew old friendships."
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