Team Call 2018-02-28

February 28, 2018
Meet Heather Richmond, Laura Cuthbertson and Kendra Holdgraf
This week: Invest In Your Health !
A former Financial Analyst, a Physical Education Teacher and an Esthetician ~ our guests invested their Belief, Time and Determination ~ changed their lives physically, emotionally and financially ~ and are now helping others achieve the same freedom.
Heather Richmond, Laura Cuthbertson and Kendra Holdgraf
Just three years ago, Heather was a stressed, tired financial analyst, caught up in the long hours and pressure of the corporate world.

Sleep difficulties, excess weight and fatigue pushed her to find a healthy solution.

When her saw her friend Todd Siddons' facebook posts of amazing Nutritional Cleansing results, she knew she had her answer!

Heather's own results with the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Management System were so impressive that her husband signed up too! She was soon sleeping soundly, had 'ridiculous' energy and, as the pounds melted off, had abs for the first time in her life!

"I was so inspired by what I had accomplished that I felt I HAD to share it with everyone else I knew. " says Heather. Posting her photos and journey on facebook and sharing with everyone she met, Heather began building her Isagenix business.

Today, Heather has created a full-time Isagenix Income and has left her corporate job to pursue a life of health, time-freedom and travel with her family.

"Now I get to work from home or wherever in the world I have wifi ~ and I get to design my days how I choose. One of the best parts of this opportunity is being able to choose the people that you work with."

Two of those Team-mates are Laura Cuthbertson and Kendra Holdgraf.
Laura watched as others transformed their lives with Isagenix ~ never really believing that it could work for her.

As a full-time Physical Education Teacher with a new-born daughter, she never seemed to have the time or energy to commit to a program.

When her energy kept dropping and her weight kept climbing, Laura was finally ready to invest in her health.

She not only signed up for her own Isagenix Program ~ she signed her husband up as well! As they followed the Program together, both saw their energy levels, focus and sleep quality increase while the excess weight began to drop off.

"We felt so great that we did not want to stop after the first 30 days. We wanted to not just meet our goal but to crush our goals ~ and that is what we did."

As others noticed Laura's transformation and asked how she did it, she naturally began to share and soon discovered a new passion.

"I have found a true passion helping people who are suffering as I once was with weight and energy difficulties. It makes me so excited to watch them overcome these obstacles and get their lives back."

Two and a half years later, Laura has both maintained her healthy lifestyle and weight loss and built an additional stream of Isagenix income for her family.

"FINALLY saying yes opened up my life to the Isagenix opportunity of health, community, personal growth and finding my true passion in life."
Kendra was also a new Mom, struggling to lose baby weight. She too was skeptical as she followed Heather's facebook posts of amazing Isagenix transformations.

But although Kendra followed a strict Paleo diet and worked out 4-5 times a week, she still couldn't shed those last few pounds.

After thoroughly researching the Isagenix products and the science behind Nutritional Cleansing, she reached out to Heather and signed up for her first Isagenix Program.

Kendra was delighted with her Isagenix results ~ eventually shedding 14 pounds. What was even more amazing was the amount of energy she now had.

"I like to tell people that you don't realize how dirty your house is until you start cleaning it, and that's exactly how I felt. I did not realize how bad I felt until I started to feel better."

Kendra had no interest in the Isagenix business opportunity ~ until she saw Heather's success at building a full-time Isagenix income.

She and her husband had considered investing in a franchise, but were discouraged by the huge time and financial commitments with uncertain returns. Kendra now saw that Isagenix was the perfect vehicle to accomplish their goals.

"I have been using the products and building my Isagenix business for just over a year now and I cannot tell you how incredible this year has been. It has has been the catalyst for huge growth and expansion mentally, spiritually and physically.

I see such a big vision now of what is possible not only in my life, but in the lives of others"
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