Team Call 2018-02-07

February 7, 2018
Meet Amanda Weger and Colette Dymiter
This week: Live Your Passionate Life !
A former HR Advisor and Fitness Instructor and a Biomedical Engineering Technologist ~ This week's guests found a path to renewed energy and the vitality, clarity and time freedom to pursue their passionate lives.
Meet Amanda Weger and Colette Dymiter
Amanda's life was stressful and exhausting ~ Senior HR Advisor in a mine by day, at night weightlifting and teaching 5-8 Zumba and Boot Camp classes weekly.

Despite all that activity, healthy eating and counting macros, she still couldn't shed those last 10 pounds.

When Tara Romano first shared Nutritional Cleansing and the Isagenix business opportunity with her, Amanda felt she was just too busy and not yet ready to make a change.

Two years later, tired of tracking every piece of food she ate, she reached out to Tara and signed up for her first 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program.

As the inches and pounds began to melt away, her sleep became deep and restful and her energy rebounded. Discovering the Isagenix Performance line took her energy to even greater heights.

With the results proven, Amanda immediately started introducing the Isagenix products to her fitness clients and began building an amazing stream of residual income in her spare time.

"After my own experience, I had unshakable belief that I could transform many lives with this opportunity !"

Being forced to evacuate from her home in Fort McMurray, Alberta after a disastrous wildfire was a turning point in Amanda's life. Returning home 2 months later, Amanda committed to her passion ~ building her Isagenix business full-time.

"I'm on the path I was always meant to be on, truly living my passion and the life I deserve. I choose what projects I take on, how much I work and from where."

A Team mate who has also found new passions is Colette Dymiter.
An automobile accident changed Colette's life ~ transforming her from a fit, active young person to an unhappy woman who had gained 70 pounds.

Despite teaching 15 Zumba classes a week and good eating habits, the excess weight just wouldn't come off.

A new job traveling southern Alberta repairing and maintaining medical equipment didn't help.

Her frantic work schedule meant fast food and little time for exercise and left her stressed out and totally exhausted.

When Amanda invited her to an event in her home town to learn more about nutritional solutions, Colette was too tired to go herself, but offered to have Amanda stay at her home.

Watching Amanda helping people with their nutritional issues and hearing the amazing stories and results, convinced Colette to give the Isagenix Program a try.

Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing turned out to be the answer to her health concerns. Within a short period of time, her energy sky-rocketed, calmness and clarity returned and the weight began to melt away.

Happy, hopeful and energetic ~ Colette turned her passion to her Isagenix Business. "Naturally I started sharing. The Isagenix products were drastically changing my life and I wanted to help other people transform as well."

As her Isagenix Team grows, the additional stream of Residual Income has allowed Colette to peruse another of her passions ~ travel. "I just got back from being in Brazil for over a month and it was a blast ! "

"I am now down over 25 lbs and over 40 inches. I don't nap anymore and I wake up with the energy to conquer the day. My life has changed drastically because of just one small decision to give Isagenix a try."
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