Team Call 2018-01-24

January 24, 2018
Meet Tina Kelly and Daniel Fey
This week: From Worn Down to Fired Up !
A Mathematics Teacher and a Chicago Firefighter ~ this week's guests committed to healthier decisions ~ followed a simple Scientifically Proven Nutritional System and fired up their energy and vitality with amazing results.
Meet Tina Kelly and Daniel Fey
Tina Kelly knows what it's like to always feel stressed and tired. As a Teacher, wife and Mom to 3 active boys, her days were draining.

She woke up tired, was tired most of the day and napped as soon as she got home from teaching.

Tina's Isagenix Journey began in January 2016, when she responded to a friend's Facebook post and signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

She soon noticed that she was waking up earlier, more refreshed and productive. Her skin looked clearer and her clothes felt looser. She was feeling better than ever before ~ vital and alive ~ a 44 year-old poster child for the benefits of healthy nutrition!

Her colleagues at school began to notice the difference too ~ her renewed energy, focus and stamina. When she dropped from a size 8 to a size 4 ~ shedding 16 pounds ~ they really noticed !

The business side of Tina's Isagenix journey seemed to build itself. People kept asking what she was doing and she simply could not stop talking to everyone she met about how great she was feeling ~ thanks to these amazing Isagenix Products.

Working her Isagenix business part-time, with the encouragement and support of her Team, Tina is well on the way to building a healthy residual income stream.

"People enroll in Isagenix because they want to feel better. They stay because they realize the benefits of these uncompromising products ~ the weight loss, the energy, the healthy aging and of course the wealth creation. It's cool that at almost 45, my life is FUN again."

One of Tina's Team-mates who also decided to take charge of his health is Daniel Fey.
At 60 years old, Dan felt like he was running out of steam.

A Firefighter, carpenter and contractor, married with 3 children ~ slowing down was definitely not an option.

When his weight hit an all-time high of close to 220 pounds Dan was ready for a solution.

His answer came last June in a text from Tina ~ who had seen Dan and his daughter biking at school. When she told him she had something he might be interested in, Dan was open.

Tina's concern, enthusiasm and belief in the Isagenix System convinced Dan that this was the game-changer he had been looking for. "Trust me", she said, "This is the best nutrition available anywhere!"

Following his own Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Dan has shed his excess pounds and traded in his old habits for a new healthier lifestyle.

With his new-found energy he has begun working out regularly and is now a lean 180 pounds! His results inspired his wife to start her own Isagenix journey and she has now joined him in the gym.

"I am not the same man", says Dan. "I'm leaner now than I was in High School! My family as a whole are a lot happier cause Mom and Dad are happier with themselves ~ having made healthier decisions !"
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