Team Call 2018-01-17

January 17, 2018
Meet Bonnie Mellos and Heather Chase
This week: Creating Your Healthy Future !
An Electrophysiology Nurse and a Medical Staff Administrator ~ Our guests this week know the importance of taking care of both their health and their financial future and are busy sharing the healthy vision they discovered.
Meet Bonnie Mellos and Heather Chase
As a Registered Nurse, wife and mother, Bonnie's reasons for looking for a healthier lifestyle were many.

On the one hand there was her family ~ her two daughters rushing off in the morning without breakfast and her husband's bad reaction to the protein shakes he used while working out.

Then there was Bonnie herself. As she turned 50, she began noticing her energy level dropping and a loss in muscle tone.

"So many of my patients are unhealthy, overweight ~ unable to walk on their own or get out of a chair due to lack of muscle. I didn't want this to happen to me." says Bonnie

When a friend introduced her to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, it seemed like a solution for Bonnie and her entire family.

As they followed the Isagenix System, Bonnie first noticed the amazing changes in her energy, stress levels, sleep quality, mental clarity and focus. She and her husband Alex both went on to shed excess pounds ~ and of course Alex's stomach issues disappeared.

"I haven't gone a day without a shake since last April. I love the convenience and the nutritional value is awesome. I lost unwanted pounds and gained lean muscle. I am in better shape in my 50's than I have been in years." says Bonnie.

Bonnie's next success came when she began sharing her healthy Isagenix lifestyle. The support she found from her Team mates and the inspiration and vision surrounding her when she attended Isagenix Celebration and New Year Kick-off helped propel her achievements.

"I am building my Team and look forward to helping them build their businesses. It is not all about the money ~ it is about helping others feel better, look better and live better."

One Team Member who has also found solutions in Isagenix is Heather Chase.
Heather is a busy Medical Staff Administrator, hospital volunteer, wife and mother to two college-age sons and a daughter in high-school.

As she approached 50 though, she found it harder and harder to maintain her energy and her weight.

To add to her difficulties, lately she had developed food allergies that left her feeling nauseated, foggy and tired.

She tried various nutritional systems and supplements ~ but they only provided temporary relief.

When her friend Bonnie first introduced her to Isagenix, Heather was already using a plant-based breakfast shake and was reluctant to try anything new that her picky system might react to.

Then, on an outing, Bonnie brought along samples of the Isagenix Dairy-free Chocolate Shake, Dairy-free bars, Amped Hydrate and e+ shots for Heather to try.

Heather was impressed by the great taste and by the energy she felt after using the Isagenix products. She signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Loss Program immediately.

Not wanting to waste the other products she already had on hand, Heather started off using just a few of the Isagenix products with her old non-dairy shakes. She was surprised when she didn't see the results she had expected.

Bonnie explained that Isagenix was a complete integrated System ~ the Products were designed to work together to produce the maximum benefits.

"That is when I decided to jump in with both feet and use only Isagenix products. I am so glad I did. As a result, within a short period of time I was feeling better." says Heather.

As her energy went up and her nausea lessened, Heather's excess weight also began to drop off. Soon, having shed 20 pounds and feeling great, people around her began to notice and ask her what she was doing.

"I love the Isagenix products so much that I can't help but want to share them with people. I am so thankful that Bonnie did not take that first no as my final answer."
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