Team Call 2017-12-13

December 13, 2017
Meet Johnathon Patzwald and Lisa Schulze
This week: Results Build Confidence !
A Master of Education and High School Teacher and an Entrepreneur and Homemaker ~ This week's guests followed a Program whose visible results gave them the confidence to go on to achieve their health and financial goals !
Meet Johnathon Patzwald and Lisa Schulze
When Johnathon's wife began seeing results from her Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program ~ Johnathon was 'encouraged' to try it as well.

Between teaching, coaching and attending Master's classes ~ quick meals and junk food had become Johnathon's go-to diet.

As he started replacing his usual fast food with Isagenix nutrition, he too began noticing a few changes.

"My 'Aha!' moment came when I realized my pants were starting to sag like my students' and all of a sudden I was starting to get my sexy hip lines back!"

Following the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Johnathon went on to release 15 pounds and couldn't get over how much his energy and performance increased while his junk-food cravings disappeared.

"People often ask, why I still use Isagenix when I don't need to lose any weight? My response is that Isagenix has a solution for EVERYONE'S health goals ~ whether it is to release unwanted pounds, gain energy, build lean muscle, improve performance, experience a brain boost or just to eat healthier foods !"

Johnathon's Isagenix business journey started when he attended Isagenix Celebration. Inspired by the team spirit, vision and the health and wealth transformations he saw there, he began actively sharing Isagenix with others.

"As a result of sharing this awesome nutrition with friends and family, my wife and I have started to develop a residual income stream. Income that we are counting on, as we recently welcomed our first child. Isagenix really is a win win situation!"

One person inspired by Johnathon's results and enthusiasm is Lisa Schulze.
As a 41 year-old mother of 3, wife and business owner, Lisa was feeling exhausted and stressed-out.

Her weight was a constant worry. Changing her diet had helped shed some pounds ~ but now she had hit a barrier.

"I was feeling a little better, but I was still stuck and I could not get past that plateau. I needed to shed more excess weight and I needed to feel better." says Lisa.

At an Isagenix tasting with her neighbor Johnathon, Lisa was pleasantly surprised by how great the Isagenix shakes tasted. "I can do this!" she thought.

A short time after starting her own Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Lisa began seeing and feeling the results for herself. Her energy came flooding back and she felt better and better with each passing week.

Encouraged and now energetic, Lisa began exercising and then joined and completed her first Isabody Challenge. "My confidence was building. I now wanted to be in pictures with my family not hide behind everyone. My clothes were getting too big and other people were noticing."

As Lisa continued her Isagenix Program and her new healthy lifestyle, the pounds and inches continued to melt away.

"I have lost many pounds and inches, but this is just the beginning for me. I feel confident I can achieve my long-term health goals with Isagenix."

Lisa's results have been more than just physical. "The Isagenix Program is not only transforming my body but my relationships too. I am happier because I am feeling so good and that affects my family. Most importantly, my relationships with my husband and my kids are better."

Lisa is not keeping her Isagenix discovery to herself. "I feel like I can get more involved with life. Now that people are noticing my positive changes, I am excited to share Isagenix with them too."
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