Team Call 2017-12-06

December 6, 2017
Meet Dawn Plotts and Tanua Bessem
This week: Help Yourself to Help Others !
A Sales Training Consultant and an Entrepreneur and Homemaker ~ This week's guests first helped themselves by committing to a life-changing System ~ then built on that healthy lifestyle and abundant energy to help others !
Meet Dawn Plotts and Tanua Bessem
Dawn wasn't really looking for a nutrition solution. After all, she already ate 'healthy' ~ wasn't that enough?

It was Dawn's husband Larry, who was first intrigued by the Isagenix System.

As someone who traveled extensively, the convenience and superior nutrition value of the Isagenix Products was very appealing.

Larry jumped right in, signed up and ordered his first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System. After a few days of using the products he couldn't stop telling Dawn how great he felt ~ so alive and awake!

With Larry's continuing encouragement, Dawn began researching Isagenix. As she learned about the science behind the Isagenix products, the culture and the business opportunity, she became more and more impressed.

After a week, she was convinced. She joined Larry and began trying the Isagenix products for herself. "I was amazed at how calm and balanced I felt. My energy, focus and productivity increased drastically."

As her Isagenix journey went on, the benefits continued. Her clothes seemed to become looser as pounds melted off. Larry had meanwhile started sharing Isagenix with his family. Their testimonials of energy gain and weight release added to Dawn's conviction to look more closely at the Isagenix business opportunity.

"I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I didn't want to sell something ~ I wanted to help people ~ really help people. Isagenix was the opportunity I was looking for."

As Dawn goes on to build her own Isagenix Team, she offers these words of encouragement.

"I understand this business ~ the freedom ~ the flexibility ~ the type of life you can truly create. It's a simple business to learn, but it does require work. But it's the kind of work that can change the course of your future ~ not only for you, but for your children as well."

One of those who Dawn has helped achieve their health goals is Tanua Bessem.
Mom of 10 (yes that's ten) , owner of two small businesses, living on a family farm ~ Tanua is the last person you would think had energy problems.

But, at 53, Tanua was having a hard time making it through the day. Her climbing excess weight, stress and lack of time for herself were growing concerns.

She was skeptical at first when Dawn introduced her to the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing.

Those benefits were the exact things she was looking for though ~ and she was certainly ready for a change! So, on her 53rd birthday, Tanua started her first Isagenix 30-Day Program.

She didn't tell anyone at first ~ she was afraid it would turn out to be yet another failed diet.

Soon after starting the Program, her husband began asking her "What are you doing? Your clothes don't fit, you have tons of energy, you are sleeping better and you look great !"

A year and a half later, Tanua is still full of energy and down to what she feels is her ideal weight. Her amazing energy gain and transformation have inspired her family to join the Isagenix Program as well ~ her husband is now moving towards his own ideal weight goal.

"I have asked for a fitbit for Christmas and I am going to join the gym! I have shed 31 pounds, I have tons of energy and I am so much more focused on the life ahead of me !" says Tanua.

"I have now started sharing Isagenix with others ~ helping them get and stay healthy! I love the fact that I get paid just to share such an awesome product !"
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