Team Call 2017-11-29

November 29, 2017
Meet Jill Boeing and Blake Boeing
This week: Racing to Success !
A former Hair Stylist and a Manufacturer's Sales Rep ~ Our guests this week chose the Products and System that took their health, mindset and performance to the next level ~ then followed that Program to Success !
Meet Jill Boeing and Blake Boeing (Cousins)
Jill was doing everything she could to stay healthy and in shape.

Although she had always been active and athletic, several horseback riding accidents ~ and the general wear and tear of 17 years as a hair stylist ~ had left her with constant, daily pain.

Fighting fatigue and discomfort and prevented by her injuries from any high-impact activity, Jill struggled to get through her workouts ~ without seeing the results she hoped for.

Stressed out physically, emotionally and financially ~ it became more and more difficult to maintain a positive mindset and attitude.

A Facebook friend suggestion from a high-school friend ~ Tammy Mikrut ~ was Jill's turning point. Jill was intrigued as she read through the posts about Nutritional Cleansing. She reached out to her friend and started her own Isagenix Journey.
The first transformation she noticed was in her general well-being, energy and focus. "I felt really good ~ full of energy and like I was coming out of a fog... truly life changing!"

"I was able to start training harder and focus more throughout my workouts. Once I tried the Isagenix Amped line, it was game on!!! I use the Amped products every day and absolutely love them."

"The Isagenix Program has changed my mindset, which in turn is helping me change my body. I am now positive and optimistic. I have truly identified my WHY ~ to impact as many people as I can by helping others to transform their lives!"

One of those whose lives Jill has impacted is her cousin ~ Blake Boeing.
At 26, Blake had come a long way from his partying college lifestyle. Now a committed Marathoner, he focused his energy on running.

But his poor nutrition habits just weren't keeping up with his goals. His energy and performance began to lag behind.

In November of last year, a day spent at the gym with his cousin Jill changed his path again. Jill's energy, active lifestyle and enthusiasm for the Isagenix System were impressive.

After what seemed like endless questions about the Isagenix Products and Program ~ including 3-way calls with Tammy ~ Blake was convinced.
Three Marathons later, Blake is very happy with his decision. "Committing to a healthier lifestyle and the awesome Isagenix Nutrition was the best decision I have made."

"With Isagenix, I have set a new Personal Record in every distance I have raced! I have increased energy levels, improved sleep quality and better overall physical performance."

Participating in the Isabody Challenge helped keep Blake accountable and on track. Fueled by the Isagenix Amped Performance Products, he is now 2 months into his 2nd Isabody Challenge and is busy preparing for his next Marathon while sharing his Isagenix discovery.

"I can feel it in my heart that I am just at the tip of the iceberg; I know the Isagenix System will help take my personal growth to the next level ~ physically and financially!"
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