Team Call 2017-11-08

November 8, 2017
Alexis Romano, Carolyn Murray-DelPiano and Jennifer Kelsey
This week: I Want In !
An Isagenix Superstar and Millionaire, a Special Education Teacher and Coach and a Pre-K and Yoga Teacher ~ our guests opted in to a healthier lifestyle ~ committed to change and embraced a Program that forever changed their lives !
Alexis Romano, Carolyn Murray-DelPiano and Jennifer Kelsey
Alexis Romano didn't start out as a Network Marketing rock star.

In 2008, she worked full-time as a High School Counselor and part-time, as a tutor and as a waitress. There wasn't really time for a life ~ it was all just working to make ends meet.

When she was first introduced to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program that year, Alexis was simply an enthusiastic product user ~ naturally sharing the Isagenix benefits with her family and friends.

Although she did need extra income, she was definitely not interested in network marketing ~ until her sponsor pointed out that she was already doing it ! When that sank in, Alexis attended an Isagenix event where the opportunity finally clicked.

Alexis kept moving steadily forward. Always working towards her goal of financial freedom ~ attending events, building her structure and growing her Isagenix Team.

Today, Alexis has become an Isagenix legend. Her accomplishments grow every year ~ Top Isagenix Income Earner ~ Isagenix Millionaire ~ 2014 Isagenix Leader of the Year ~ Certified Health Coach and Gym Owner ~ and Isagenix 2015 Woman of the Year !

Her hard work, energy, positive attitude and devotion to helping others succeed make her an inspiring role model and mentor.

One of the Team members inspired by Alexis is Carolyn Murray-DelPiano.
Carolyn first followed Alexis' example eight years ago, when they were both working at the same inner city school.

At 34 years old ~ stressed physically and financially, exhausted and carrying an extra 30 pounds ~ Carolyn paid attention when Alexis told her about Isagenix and how it could help with her problems.

"It didn't matter that I had to charge more debt ~ I needed to help myself! Within a short period of starting the Isagenix Program I felt incredible. I shed 25 lbs, and gained new healthy habits.", remembers Carolyn.

Following the Isagenix Maintenance Program, Carolyn has maintained her renewed energy, healthy habits and figure. She has occasionally reverted back to old habits but then, using the Products and tools, she gets right back on course.

Like Alexis herself, Carolyn was never really interested in the Isagenix business opportunity ~ despite Alexis' gentle pushes. Two years ago, as she watched Alexis climb higher and higher, her curiosity peaked.

"Alexis simply laid it out in a way I could relate to and I gave it a shot. I realized it was so similar to teaching, and helping others to feel good ~ feels good !"

Today, with a growing Isagenix Team, Carolyn is again happy she listened. "This income is life changing and I didn't need 8 years of college and a million certifications in order to have it in my life."

One of the many people whose life Carolyn has helped change is Jennifer Kelsey.
Less than a year ago ~ as a hard-working Pre-K teacher, Yoga instructor and fitness enthusiast ~ Jennifer was certain she was in shape.

It was only when she suffered a running injury that she realized how poorly she managed her nutrition.

As her energy sagged and her weight went up, Jennifer went in search of a solution.

She had seen Carolyn in her Yoga class. She knew Carolyn was on a Program and could see her amazing energy and how great she looked.

Next class, she simply told Carolyn, "Call me tonight. I don't care what this is ~ pointing to the Cleanse bottle Carolyn always carried ~ but I want in !"

That night, after Carolyn explained the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System and went over Jennifer's goals, she signed up for her first 30-Day Isagenix Program.

"I felt like I had a new focus. I gained more energy, felt amazing and started to feel in control of my life again." says Jennifer.

"After a short time on the program, I was able to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon and beat my best time by over 20 minutes!!! I felt so incredible, I could have kept going and I streamed it live on Facebook!"

Attending an IsaU event convinced Jennifer that building her own Isagenix Team was a path toward her lifelong goal ~ coaching others to gain control of their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.

"My Isagenix income has not only paid for my products but has enabled me to stop teaching after school and take my first summer vacation in 8 years. I'm now able to teach more yoga classes and help others continue on their own journeys."
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