Team Call 2017-10-18

October 18, 2017
Meet Allison Aldabute and Tami Sklenar
This week: That Healthy Glow !
A Stay-at-Home Mom and an Art Teacher ~ our guests this week got back on track with healthy nutrition and a Program to help achieve their goals ~ now they are helping others accomplish their own health and financial objectives.
Meet Allison Aldabute and Tami Sklenar
Like many stay at home Moms, Allison had devoted her time over the years to taking care of her family ~ and neglected herself.

At 41, she no longer recognized herself when she looked in the mirror. She was definitely ready for a change!

When she connected with Ron Koiner through Facebook, it was his passion for health and nutrition that caught her attention.

Allison was skeptical at first when Ron suggested that Nutritional Cleansing might help solve her problems.

"I was very negative about trying it and even called it "dead food". I admit that I didn't believe that real nutrition could come in a bottle or package. Was I ever wrong!!", says Allison.

Ron invited her to join our own International Team Call. The product information and inspiring testimonials convinced her ~ Allison ordered her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System that very night.

Allison soon discovered she had made the right decision. "The more products I tried, the better I felt. I had friends and family ask me what I was doing. My skin was glowing and I had so much energy! I couldn't stay quiet. I had to tell everyone about these products! "

The Isagenix Business Opportunity hadn't interested Allison at first. When she started helping people with their own health and nutrition through the Isagenix products, she quickly changed her mind.

"Isagenix has done it right. The training, resources, and support are amazing. Whether you just want to get your products paid for, or generate an income beyond your dreams, Isagenix can help provide that for you."

One of the first people Allison shared Isagenix with is her friend Tami Sklenar.
At 56 ~ a Mother of four and a substitute Art Teacher with a Bachelor of Fine Arts ~ Tami was in desperate need of a healthy solution.

Cancer and a radical hysterectomy had left her overweight, drained and exhausted.

At first, dieting had helped with the excess weight. No matter how carefully she followed her diet regime though, the weight just kept coming back.

As time and the dieting went on, her exhaustion deepened. Her nails and hair became brittle and her body began to bloat and swell.

Realizing that there was a difference between dieting and proper nutrition, Tami began searching for a healthier way to achieve her goals.

When her friend Allison suggested Isagenix, Tami was reluctant at first ~ but her mind just wouldn't let go of it. A week later, she called Allison and signed up for her first Isagenix Program.

Soon after starting her Nutritional Cleansing Program, Tami noticed her energy surging back. Then those last pesky pounds melted away. Best of all, the weight stayed gone!

"The biggest thing for me is how easy it has been to maintain my weight. We have taken 8 trips this summer and I love the fact that I can take along my Isagenix Shakes and Bars and not have to worry about packing on weight."

The every-day ease and convenience of the Isagenix Products has been a big plus for both Tami and her family.

"Not needing prep time for lunches is such a plus for me while I'm teaching. My daughter, who is a hospice nurse, also finds the bars and shakes very convenient while on the road every day for her job."

Glowing with energy, vitality and healthy nutrition, Tami is now looking forward to building her own Isagenix Team.

"I absolutely love helping others feel better and get their own healthy results. Financially it has been a blessing and I'm ready to put the pedal to the metal on my road to financial freedom!"
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