Team Call 2017-09-27

September 27, 2017
Meet Alicia Pina and Sharon Jurgens
This week: Turning Back the Clock !
A former Teacher and Certified Natural Health Professional and a Retail Sales Professional ~ our guests this week are busy living their lives to the fullest and sharing their vision of healthy, youthful vitality with all those around them !
Meet Alicia Pina and Sharon Jurgens
28 years as a Teacher had taken their toll on Alicia. At age 46, stressed, sick and tired with barely enough energy to think, she was close to giving up.

Finding the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program renewed Alicia's energy and her life purpose. Two dress sizes and 15 pounds later, Alicia was energized and ready to tackle the world again ~ even her complexion cleared up!

Alicia's transformation refueled her passion to help everyone she could. Sharing her message of health and financial freedom with friends came naturally. Alicia quickly moved from getting her products paid for, to a full-time income from her Isagenix business.

"Isagenix made my FREEDOM DAY Financially Possible ~ so I retired from teaching at age 50 to devote all my time to helping others and building my Isagenix Team !" says Alicia.

At the same time, Alicia joined her first IsaBody Challenge. 10 years later ~ at age 60 ~ she is still going strong, conquering Challenge after Challenge.

Sharing her healthy lifestyle on Facebook has proved very successful. "People notice things on Facebook", says Alicia, "Our profile picture, skin, energy level and enthusiasm for life. Then they ask, What are you doing?".

Pursuing her passion for healthy aging and vitality, Alicia has become a Certified Natural Health Practitioner. She continues to actively build her Isagenix Team ~ helping transform lives around the world and right in her home state of Texas.

One of Alicia's impassioned Isagenix Team-mates is Sharon Jurgens.
For years, Sharon was plagued by low energy, stress and numerous skin issues.

Her health troubles began with a small rash that eventually spread over her entire body. As the rash spread, her fatigue and stress climbed higher and higher.

Years of specialists and therapies eventually calmed most of her skin symptoms, but there were many ups and downs ~ emotional and physical ~ as Sharon struggled to regain her health.

Sharon was introduced to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System by Alicia six years ago, when she needed it most.

Within a short period after starting the Isagenix Program, she saw her stress levels drop and her energy began to soar. The changes and benefits grew from there.

Six years of healthy Isagenix lifestyle later, Sharon is now a vibrant, glowing 60-Years Young, with high energy that lasts throughout her busy day.
"I still love the IsaLean Shakes, Ionix Supreme, Women's Daily Essentials and Cleanse for Life ~ and I always carry the Isagenix Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion with me. It is the only moisturizer that I use."

Sharon's trip this year to her first Isagenix Celebration event in Las Vegas gave her new inspiration. She has now started her first Isabody Challenge, to improve both her fitness level and strength.

Her Isagenix vision has also expanded to include financial fitness and freedom as well.

"NOW, I am sharing these incredible products to help others improve their well-being, while creating an additional source of income. I know I have a bright future ahead with Isagenix and our Awesome Team."
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