Team Call 2017-09-20

September 20, 2017
Meet Suzy Manning and Christina Woodard
This week: Impacting Lives with Passion !
An Energetic 70-year young athletic Healthy-Ager Entrepreneur and an Amazing Michigan Mom of 3 temporarily residing in Shanghai, China with her Family ~ are impacting lives Internationally as they share healthy news of great nutrition !
Meet Suzy Manning and Christina Woodard
Suzy Manning became an Isagenix firecracker 12 years ago.

She had always felt she was healthy, with lots of energy to live life fully. She only ate healthy food, loved exercise and took great care of herself.

How could she possibly feel any better?

It was only after she was introduced to Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing by a friend, that she realized how wrong she had been.

"It only took one week on the product before I realized that I had been functioning at about 50% of my energy level. Was I surprised!", says Suzy.

12 years later, Suzy is unstoppable. "At age 70, I now radiate passion & purpose, I am a gym rat ~ I have lean muscle, vitality and strength, enabling me to keep up with people half my age."

Nine years ago, Suzy and her husband had decided to build their own business from scratch. They built their own tools, systems and social media platform ~ spending thousands of dollars along the way.
Their "AHA!" moment came about two years ago when they realized the potential of the Isagenix Opportunity that had been right in front of them for all those years.

Besides the training, business tools, social media platform and systems that Isagenix provided for free, there was the amazing support and feeling of family helping them to succeed. They dove in and began building their Isagenix business.

"We were so ready to jump on board and catch this huge wave of momentum. I am passionate about showing others how easy it is to experience vibrant, healthy aging.

What an opportunity to impact lives and help others achieve financial freedom, time freedom, and optimum health !"

One of those inspired by Suzy's passion is Christina Woodard.
Christina was also convinced that she already lived a healthy lifestyle.

It was only after moving from Michigan to Shanghai, China that she came across Suzy's Facebook posts about Nutritional Cleansing.

"I kept seeing Suzy and her husband Fuzzy using the Isagenix products, enjoying them and talking about the value, community, and health benefits this food and lifestyle offers."

Still a bit skeptical, Christina began researching the Isagenix products ~ comparing it to her own healthy living approach. In the end, there was no comparison and Christina was ready for her own Isagenix journey!

Twenty-five pounds later, Christina is an enthusiastic Isagenix convert. Cleanse days and the Isagenix Bedtime Belly Buster are her favorites. "I sleep like a baby while my waist shrinks even more!"

She and her family are now walking billboards for the Isagenix lifestyle. Even her children ~ normally picky eaters ~ love the products! They even brought 100 pounds of Isagenix products with them to Shanghai to be certain they wouldn't run out.

"We still order monthly from the states and ship it into China for a premium price because it truly is that amazing. " says Christina.

As people notice the change in Christina and her family, she is now enjoying sharing Isagenix with her American friends ~ impacting their health and lives as well.

"I have never felt as good as I do now on this Isagenix lifestyle. I believe that it is not what you eat but what you absorb! Our entire family, including the kids, love the products and are living proof of the benefits of the amazing Isagenix nutrition!"
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