Team Call 2017-08-23

August 23, 2017
Meet Maeghan Scott, Jill Gerard and Lee Ann Hahne
This week: Reshaping Your Future !
A Small Business Owner, a former Surgical Technologist and a Registered Nurse ~ this week's guests discovered Products and a Program that changed their lives and are now building a new future of healthy success and freedom.
Meet Maeghan Scott, Jill Gerard and Lee Ann Hahne
When Maeghan first started her Isagenix journey, two and a half years ago, she took the health benefits as a given.

She trusted her friend and former classmate, IsaMillionaire Ciji Siddons, implicitly. If Ciji said it would work ~ that was good enough for Maeghan.

What really interested Maeghan was the opportunity she saw in Isagenix to escape from living paycheck to paycheck ~ with $0 savings and a ton of student debt.

As she worked hard at building her Isagenix business, attending events and following Ciji's mentoring, her Isagenix income steadily grew.

"Eventually, I had my first 4-figure week and thought - "Okay. I am 100% certain this can change my life." remembers Maeghan.

Now financially stable for the first time in her adult life, able to pay off her credit cards and handle her student loans, she actually began saving money.

By the time Maeghan got married last May, she was able to contribute a significant amount of her own money to the happy event. When her father became ill, taking a leave of absence from work without pay wasn't a problem. Thanks to her Isagenix income, she had it all covered.

"Isagenix can help you look and feel great and finally reach those health goals you've been dreaming of ~ but it's so much more too. I sincerely hope this program can change your life the way it has changed mine. Everything is now a possibility."

A Team mate whose life has also been changed by Isagenix is Jill Gerard.
Self conscious about her weight, uncomfortable and in emotional turmoil, Jill was desperate for a way out of her negative spiral.

When an old co-worker posted her before and after photos on Facebook, Jill immediately reached out to ask what she was doing.

After so many failed attempts with fad diets, Jill was skeptical about Isagenix at first.

But, with her husband's support and determined to try, she signed up for her first Isagenix Cleansing and Fat-Burning Program.

Within a short period of time, Jill began to feel a difference. As her energy rose and the pounds began to melt away, her motivation to continue her Isagenix Program became stronger and stronger.

65 amazing pounds later, Jill's life has been transformed in many ways. She and her husband have moved from New York to Denver, where Jill is continuing to build her growing Isagenix business full-time.

"I'm sharing these products with the world because Isagenix changed my life for the better in so many ways. I found something that I didn't even know I was looking for and I am excited to keep spreading the word about this amazing opportunity."

One Team mate especially near and dear to Jill is her mother Lee Ann Hahne.
When her husband passed away, Lee Ann's health and emotional well-being began a sharp downward spiral.

As she sank deeper, she hit her heaviest weight ever and began having difficulty sleeping.

Now barely surviving on 3 hours sleep a night, Lee Ann felt hopeless and became reclusive.

That was when her daughter Jill introduced Lee Ann to Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing.

Soon after starting her Isagenix Program, the first welcome change Lee Ann found was in her sleep.

For the first time in years she had 7 to 8 hours of deep, restful sleep every night. As her energy returned and the excess pounds began to slip away, Lee Ann finally felt alive again.

15 months later, Lee Ann's life has changed in many ways. 53 pounds lighter and many inches smaller, she too is living in Denver and is now facing the future with new hope.

"I've found courage and hope. I got my life back and I'm the healthiest I've ever been."
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