Team Call 2017-07-26

July 26, 2017
Meet Maryanne Snyder, Madeline Brown and Jodi Juliano
This week: Commit to Success !
A former Physical Therapist, a Mom and new Marathoner and a Stay at Home Mom of 3 ~ our guests this week reached out, committed to a healthy lifestyle ~ achieved success and found a passion for helping others do the same.
Meet Maryanne Snyder, Madeline Brown and Jodi Juliano
When Maryanne's 28-year career as a Physical Therapist was ended by a lay-off last September, she was actually excited.

Four years ago, she had been working full-time during the day and part-time at night to help pay school tuitions for her 3 children. Stressed financially and physically ~ she felt overwhelmed, exhausted and at the end of her rope.

That's when she came across Isagenix Superstar Alexis Romano's Facebook Page.

Intrigued by Alexis's description of herself as a 'Health and Wealth Coach', Maryanne reached out to find out more ~ and began her family's Isagenix journey.

First, she started her husband on the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Loss Program to help improve his health and shed excess weight. Seeing his amazing results, Maryanne started on the Isagenix Program herself.

"I started the products and soon after I no longer felt exhausted and run down. My energy and mental clarity returned, as well as a noticeable improvement in my lean muscle tone and I started being happy again." says Maryanne.

Once she started sharing her results and the products with others, she began building her own Isagenix Team. Soon she was able to replace her part-time job with her Isagenix Income. As her Team expanded and her Isagenix income grew, the financial stress of meeting her children's tuition fees disappeared.

When that fateful lay-off day came, Maryanne had already been planning to leave her day job to continue building her Isagenix business full-time.

"So what a great opportunity I had !!! ~ I could forget my plan to leave work in the spring and start working Isagenix full time right there and then. I can't tell you how excited I was. I was actually jumping for joy! So now I work Isagenix full time and couldn't be happier with the time and financial freedom it has given me."

A Team Member who has also committed to success is Madeline Brown.
Three years ago, Madeline decided it was finally time to deal with the weight challenges she had faced her entire life.

Although Madeline and her husband wanted to conceive, she was certain that with her weight she just was not in a healthy place to start a pregnancy.

Madeline turned to her co-worker Maryanne and, after swearing her to secrecy, ordered her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

In a short period of time ~ with Maryanne's coaching and encouragement ~ Madeline began seeing results. Over time, the weight melted away.

"I felt so good. I started moving again. I felt healthy, vibrant, and sexy! I released 65 pounds and was feeling better than ever ~ 6 dress sizes smaller."

Madeline did become pregnant. Through a difficult pregnancy and breast-feeding her new son, she stopped her Isagenix Program. By her son's first birthday she was back where she'd started. Not one to give up, Madeline turned back to Isagenix to repeat her success.

"That's when I committed. I mean truly 100% said this is IT. I can honestly say, I was not an overnight success. But with the awesome nutrition and cleansing systems in place, I lost 70 lbs! I am at my lowest weight as an adult."

Along with her healthy lifestyle and new-found energy, Madeline has developed a new passion. From running 10ks and a half-marathon last year, she is now training for her first full marathon.

"I have developed a love for personal well being, improvement, and empowerment. While I've not met all of my health goals yet, I've certainly come a long, long way."

Another Team member who has experienced her own success is Jodi Juliano.
Although Jodi and her husband had decided to start eating healthy and work out ~ they just couldn't seem to make any progress.

They would lose a few pounds here and there but still didn't feel any better.

Uncomfortable in her clothes and unhappy with her appearance, Jodi found new hope in her friend Lisa's Facebook posts.

Curious about the before and after pictures of Nutritional Cleansing, she reached out to Lisa for more information. Although at first Jodi's husband was hesitant about the cost, in March of 2015 they both started on their first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

They were both so amazed at the results that they've never looked back. Their minor aches, digestive issues and and bloating soon disappeared and their energy flooded back.

"I am proud to say I shed a total of 45 lbs and my husband Jason shed 40 lbs. We are both on maintenance and I feel like I gained my life back." says Jodi.

With her results in hand, our stay at home mom of 3 boys has succeeded in building her own Isagenix business ~ sharing Isagenix and coaching over 50 people to success in their own healthy lifestyle.

There have been some trying times, but Jodi's determination has won through.

"Three months after starting Isagenix I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a long and hard road but I kept busy through it all. I continued to share Isagenix with others and coach them through our nutritional cleansing system. They are all enjoying the great results too!"
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