Team Call 2017-07-19

July 19, 2017
Meet Ron Koiner and Allison Aldabute
This week: Finding 'You' Again !
A former Corporate Training Manager and a Stay at Home Mom ~ our guests this week followed a Program that helped reclaim their natural youthful vigor then used the resources and support they found to lead others do the same.
Meet Ron Koiner and Allison Aldabute
Traveling constantly and entertaining clients with lavish meals hadn't been gentle on Ron's health.

When his career as a Corporate Trainer ended at age 56, he was left with 40 extra pounds, fatigue, shortness of breath and difficulty sleeping.

Ron's search for an answer to both his health and financial needs ended when a friend ~ Julie Newell ~ introduced him to Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing.

Ron did his due diligence ~ researching both the products and the compensation plan ~ then ordered his first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Loss System.

The results were everything he had hoped for. Within a short period of time he was sleeping soundly through the night again for the first time in years. Next to return was his energy ~ he even found himself running up stairs.

Today, 40 pounds lighter and filled with energy and vitality, Ron is a new man. Naturally, Ron has been busy sharing his discovery with others and has now achieved the rank of 1-Star Golden Circle and Crystal Executive.

"How could I keep this to myself? I just knew I had to begin sharing right away. I shared online, anytime I was out, with everyone I knew.

My enthusiasm for Isagenix and what this wonderful nutrition had done for me ~ how I believed in the company, the culture, the mission, the vision, the owners, the ingredients in the foods that we all need ~ would shine through, even unintentionally"

One of those Ron enthusiastically shared with was Allison Aldabute.
Like many stay at home Moms, Allison had devoted her time over the years to taking care of her family ~ and neglected herself.

At 41, she no longer recognized herself when she looked in the mirror. She was definitely ready for a change!

When she connected with Ron through Facebook, it was his passion for health and nutrition that caught her attention.

Allison was skeptical at first when Ron suggested that Nutritional Cleansing might help solve her problems.

"I was very negative about trying it and even called it "dead food". I admit that I didn't believe that real nutrition could come in a bottle or package. Was I ever wrong!!", says Allison.

Ron invited her to join our own International Team Call. The product information and inspiring testimonials Allison heard convinced her to give Isagenix a try. She ordered her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System that very night.

Allison soon discovered she had made the right decision. "The more products I tried, the better I felt. I had friends and family ask me what I was doing. My skin was glowing and I had so much energy! I couldn't stay quiet. I had to tell everyone about these products! "

The Isagenix Business Opportunity hadn't interested Allison at first. When she started helping people with their own health and nutrition through the Isagenix products, she quickly changed her mind.

"Isagenix has done it right. The training, resources, and support are amazing. Whether you just want to get your products paid for, or generate an income beyond your dreams, Isagenix can help provide that for you."
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