Team Call 2017-06-28

June 28, 2017
Meet Jodi Tosini, Jen Fasano and Diane Ferrara
This week: Sharing the Vision !
A former History Teacher and two former Corporate America workers ~ Our guests this week discovered a Program that changed their lives ~ embraced the Vision and have gone on to share and change the lives of others.
Meet Jodi Tosini, Jen Fasano and Diane Ferrara
Four years ago, as she approached 40, Jodi knew that something had to change. Overweight, burned out and $30,000 in debt ~ this former competitive athlete and high school coach was ready for a new vision!

"They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear ~ and that is exactly what happened." Jodi remembers.

Everything began to change when she was introduced to Isagenix Superstar Alexis Romano and Nutritional Cleansing.

Soon after starting her Isagenix Program, Jodi saw her energy and focus return. Within a short period of time she went on to shed 28 pounds and began sharing her healthy new lifestyle with others who were looking for the same solutions.

Over the past four years Jodi has built her own Isagenix business ~ assisting hundreds of others to achieve their health and financial goals. Along the way she has paid off her debts and retired from her job as a History teacher.

"There is nothing more fulfilling for me than to be able to be my own boss and assist others in taking back their health. I show people who were burnt out like me ~ or who just want to create some additional income for themselves and their family ~ an incredible opportunity on how to achieve their goals."

One of Jodi's amazing Team mates is Jen Fasano.
Jen was a typical yoyo dieter. She always managed to shed the weight ~ only to watch it creep back up.

After the birth of her second child, she hit an all-time high of 204 pounds. Mentally and physically exhausted, she was at her wits end.

As she struggled with her weight and lack of energy, a friend at work ~ Regina ~ suggested a solution.

Her friend explained about Nutritional Cleansing and the Isagenix Program, but Jen resisted. "I like to 'eat' and I don't 'do' protein shakes." Jen told her.

Her friend kept following up and four months later ~ when nothing else seemed to be working ~ Jen was ready. In February of 2014 Jen began her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program and hasn't looked back since.

Today, the baby weight is gone and then some! With yoyoing a thing of the past, Jen is now vibrant and energetic with the stamina to keep up with both her girls and her new passion for fitness.

Jen has now grown a group of over 3,000 women across Long Island who share her interest in staying fit, active and achieving their health goals.

She has left her corporate job to devote herself full time to her family and to building her Isagenix Team.

"Because of Isagenix I can be home with my girls each and every day. I can live a life I design and do not have to answer to a boss. I can follow my dreams and show my girls what's possible in life. I am leaving a legacy behind that my family will benefit from for years to come. To me that is the ultimate success."

Diane Ferrara is another Team mate who has seized the Isagenix vision.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle was something that Diane could never seem to accomplish.

A part-time dance instructor and corporate worker, Diane describes herself then as "overweight, overworked, and exhausted".

When spinal surgery left her with an additional 20 pounds, weakness and low energy, her self-esteem and body image plummeted.

Like Jen, it was a co-worker who came to her aid with a solution ~ Nutritional Cleansing. Although Diane was skeptical at first, she finally decided to give it a try and ordered her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

As her energy skyrocketed and she began to regain her strength, the weight began to drop off. Diane looked and felt better than ever ~ and people around her began to see it too. Naturally she began sharing Isagenix with family and friends.

Working part-time building her Isagenix Team, Diane began earning a monthly Isagenix Income.

"Over the course of a few months I really started to see a vision of the possibilities I could create in my life by committing to building a business with Isagenix. After about two years of sharing Isagenix part time, I decided to leave my corporate career to build my business full time and pursue my passion of teaching dance and fitness."

Three and a half years later, Diane is in the best shape of her life.

"Thanks to Isagenix, I've been able to maintain my weight loss, and I am able to pursue my passion of being a dance teacher without the added pressure of having to work a full time job."
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