Team Call 2017-05-31

May 31, 2017
Meet Bonnie Mellos and Calli Duncan
This week: Professionals Sharing Pro Results !
An Electrophysiology Nurse and an Attorney ~ this week's guests needed a solution and found it in a Program that is helping them achieve their goals and positively impact the health and financial lives of others.
Meet Bonnie Mellos and Calli Duncan
Electrophysiology Nurse in a Cardiology practice, volunteer for a local non-profit, wife and mother to two daughters ~ at 51, Bonnie Mellos is a very busy lady!

Last year, Bonnie began thinking more about her family's nutrition. Her own energy levels and muscle tone were dropping. She and her daughters were all rushing off in the morning without breakfast. Her husband worked out, but the poor quality protein shakes he used caused him stomach problems.

When a friend introduced her to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, it seemed like a solution for Bonnie's entire family.

As they began following the Isagenix Program, Bonnie first noticed the amazing changes in her energy, stress levels, sleep quality, mental clarity and focus. She and her husband Alex both went on to shed excess pounds.

Not only have Alex's stomach issues now disappeared, Isagenix Shakes, Bars and Whey Thins have completely replaced the unhealthy fast food meals in his own busy schedule.

A new chapter opened when Bonnie and her daughters attended Isagenix Celebration in Las Vegas last August. The Product and Business testimonials about achieving physical and financial freedom, the emphasis on personal development, setting goals, helping others and team work ~ all had a huge impact on both Bonnie and her daughters.

"Isagenix is the real deal! The quality of the products is amazing. The compensation plan is one of the best in the industry. They provide all the tools you need to be successful ~ you just need to have the determination, drive, and commitment to work hard for your success."

Attending Isagenix New Year Kick-Off in San Antonio this January inspired Bonnie to new efforts in building her Isagenix Business. She recently achieved the rank of Crystal Executive and is more excited than ever about her future with Isagenix.

"I am building my Team and look forward to helping them build their businesses. It is not all about the money ~ it is about helping others feel better, look better and live better."

One Team Member who has also found solutions in Isagenix is Calli Duncan.
Calli is also a busy professional. An attorney of 22 years with 2 teenage daughters ~ to say her life is hectic and stressful is an understatement.

Over the years Calli's weight had been slowly but steadily increasing. Dieting and training had helped for a while, but eventually the pounds came creeping back.

At 51, she was now overweight, stressed out, exhausted and in need of a solution.

When her friend Bonnie suggested Isagenix Nutritional Cleaning, Calli was skeptical. First there was the cost and, after her past experiences with dieting, she just wasn't convinced that Isagenix would work for her.

Positive that Isagenix would help her friend, Bonnie finally gifted Calli a 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program. Even then, Calli waited another month before starting her Isagenix Program ~ time she now wishes she hadn't lost.

"I am here to tell you don't hesitate like I did!!! The products are amazing and I wish I had started earlier!" says Calli.

The first big improvement Calli noticed was in her energy level. Then the pounds began to slip away. Convinced, Calli has continued on the Isagenix Program and is now 15 pounds lighter and brimming with healthy vitality.

Her concerns about the cost of a healthy Isagenix lifestyle have disappeared too. "The money spent on Isagenix products is now easily offset by the savings of not eating out and simply redirecting my grocery money. Most importantly, I feel healthier for it. I now have my husband and girls using Isagenix products as well."

With the evidence of her own results, Calli is now excited about sharing the Isagenix products and building her own Isagenix business.

"Sales does not come naturally to me, but my results are a huge conversation starter. It's really not hard to talk about something you love. I'm excited to grow my Isagenix business and help others achieve a healthy lifestyle and an extra source of income if they choose."
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