Team Call 2017-05-17

May 17, 2017
Meet Shauna Ekstrom Peterson and Linda Wiemer
This week: Goals... Effort... Success !
A former Salon Owner now an Isa-Millionaire and a full-time Nurse ~ this week's guests set their goals, put in the effort and followed a System to success ~ now they are sharing their success and conquering new heights.
Meet Shauna Ekstrom Peterson and Linda Wiemer
As a hairstylist and Salon owner, Shauna loved helping people feel better and have more confidence. Financially though, making the extra income she needed was difficult. There were only so many hours in a day to cut hair.

Overwhelmed, exhausted and financially stressed out, her solution arrived 15 years ago when Carole Taylor sent her Peter's Isagenix Transformation photos ~ the famous Speedo Peter Oelmann.

Shauna started her own Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program and in a short period released 3 dress sizes and regained her drive and energy. When her clients started asking about her transformation, she knew she had found the solution to her financial challenges as well.

After four and a half years of building her Isagenix business part-time, her effort, enthusiasm and belief in the products paid off. Shauna was able to sell her salon and transition to Isagenix full-time.
Now an Isa-Millionaire, Shauna continues to achieve her goals. At 64, Isagenix helps maintain her weight, age youthfully and keeps her energy and spirits high.

"After 15 years, not only have I gained financial freedom, but I met my husband, Dr. Scott Peterson ~ a dentist who also saw the amazing Vision of Residual Income in Network Marketing ~ and we are continuing to build this together! "

The chain of friends sharing health and financial freedom with friends has brought many dynamic new members to Shauna's Isagenix Team. Among those new Team mates was Lisa Washington ~ who went on to achieve her own Isagenix success.

One of those introduced to Shauna's Team through Lisa is Linda Wiemer.
12-hour nursing shifts, 5 days a week, left Linda exhausted and overweight ~ with zero energy at the end of the day.

A facebook message from her former co-worker ~ Lisa Washington ~ was Linda's introduction to Isagenix.

Linda was intrigued by the Isagenix events, results and the Superfood business Lisa posted about on her facebook page.

She definitely wanted to know more about the Superfoods ~ so Lisa told her about Nutritional Cleansing and invited her to watch several videos including one about Shauna. Linda was convinced and with Lisa's help selected her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

She started Isagenix two days past her 60th birthday and began noticing the results soon after. First, came the dramatic boost in energy ~ both at work and at home ~ then the excess weight began melting off.

"I ultimately released 16 pounds, many inches and 2 pant sizes during the holiday season. I am wearing clothes in my closet that I haven't worn in years and I am loving it. One of my favorite products is Ionix Supreme ~ it gives me so much energy and truly gives my body a real boost !"

Linda's results were so exciting that she just couldn't help sharing Isagenix with family, friends and co-workers. With her new Isagenix business growing quickly ~ she recently achieved the rank of Crystal Director ~ Linda now has a new goal.

"I truly want the same financial and time freedom that Shauna has achieved. In addition to helping my family, I have a big dream to start an animal rescue facility. I believe that my dream is attainable with Isagenix !"
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