Team Call 2017-05-10

May 10, 2017
Meet Ernie De Minico and Antonio Colasurdo
This week: Shaping Lives !
A Fitness Studio Owner and Nutritionist and a Skydiver and Competitive Athlete ~ this week's guests fuel their fitness with Products and a System that changed their lives ~ and now help shape the lives of those they share with.
Meet Ernie De Minico and Antonio Colasurdo
As a Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist, Ernie has personally trained and coached thousands of clients over the past 27 years.

His Isagenix journey began in 2003, when he saw for himself the incredible transformation the Isagenix Program made in our own 'Speedo Peter' Oelmann.

Numerous clients Ernie put on the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program consistently experienced similar healthy results.

Convinced, Ernie incorporated the Isagenix Program into both his fitness practice and his personal award-winning competition training.
"As a fitness professional, I've had the opportunity to test hundreds of health supplements. I can tell you that the Isagenix products by far surpass every product I've ever used." affirms Ernie.

Isagenix is now an integral part of the wellness and performance program in the Fitness Studio he owns with his wife Nadia.

"I've had the awesome privilege of working with over 2000 people ~ helping them positively transform their lives ~ whether by gaining a better perspective on their health or by introducing them to a financial opportunity that can supplement their income and possibly set them on a path to financial freedom."

Adding the Isagenix Amped Performance Products to the program ~ personal favorites are Amped NOx and e+ Shots ~ has kicked their clients' performance, endurance and fitness results to new levels.

Today, Ernie is on his way to 3-Star Golden Circle and is a Star Isagenix presenter in Montreal. He is building a dynamic Team, changing hundreds of lives physically and financially.

One person whose life has been changed is Antonio Colasurdo.
At 21, Antonio had never really paid much attention to nutrition.

As a competitive swimmer and skydiver, he figured that if he worked out enough his body would just burn through whatever he ate.

There were of course a few problems with this. He had to wake up an hour early in the morning just to build up the energy to get out of bed and he began to suffer from serious intestinal challenges.

Antonio's introduction to Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing came when he began training with Ernie and Nadia. The increased energy and mental clarity he found ~ as well as an easing of his health challenge ~ quickly convinced him of the benefits of following the Isagenix Program.

Attending Isagenix New Year Kickoff exposed him to the complete Isagenix health and financial freedom vision. Embracing that vision, he worked out a plan of action with Ernie ~ stuck to it ~ and quickly achieved the rank of Crystal Manager.

One thing that struck Antonio was who he could share Isagenix with. There were really no limits. Anyone could benefit ~ from 18 year olds to senior citizens.

In fact, when his own 69 year old grandmother complained of certain challenges she was having, Isagenix Complete Daily Essentials and Brain Boost were able to help. She has now gone on to talk about the benefits of Isagenix with others her age with the same issues.

"For those thinking about getting into the business side of Isagenix, my advice is to talk with anyone and everyone. Don't pre-judge anyone. Sometimes that person you think would say no is actually someone who would be really interested."
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