Team Call 2017-03-15

March 15, 2017
Meet Dawn Marie Plotts and Darin Steen
This week: Leading By Example !
A Sales Training Consultant and an Athlete and Personal Trainer ~ This week's guests are Trainers who walk the talk ~ leading by example and helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle and financial freedom.
Meet Dawn Marie Plotts and Darin Steen
Dawn Marie first met Dawn Bartolini on facebook, They became friends ~ sharing lunches, gym and coaching sessions and occasional dinners out with their husbands.

It was Dawn Marie's husband, Larry, who suggested they take the Bartolini's up on their offer to look at the Isagenix Products.

Dawn Marie was hesitant. As a Sales Trainer, Coach and Consultant, she'd had several experiences with direct- marketing companies ~ not all of them positive.

But Larry jumped right in, signed up and ordered his first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System that very night. After a few days of using the products he couldn't stop telling her how great he felt ~ alive and awake!

With Larry's continuing encouragement, Dawn began researching Isagenix. As she learned about the science behind the Isagenix products, the culture and the business opportunity, she became more and more impressed.

After a week, she was convinced. She joined Larry and began trying the Isagenix products for herself. "I was amazed at how calm and balanced I felt. My energy, focus and productivity increased drastically."

As her Isagenix journey went on, the benefits continued. Her clothes seemed to become looser as pounds melted off. Larry had meanwhile started sharing Isagenix with his family. Their testimonials of energy gain and weight release added to Dawn's conviction to look more closely at the Isagenix business opportunity.

"I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I didn't want to sell something ~ I wanted to help people ~ really help people. Isagenix was the opportunity I was looking for."

As Dawn goes on to build her own Isagenix Team, she offers these words of encouragement. "I understand this business ~ the freedom ~ the flexibility ~ the type of life you can truly create. It's a simple business to learn, but it does require work. But it's the kind of work that can change the course of your future ~ not only for you, but for your children as well."

One of those who share Dawn's convictions about Isagenix is Darin Steen.
Author, coach, athlete, ACE and NASM certified with over 16 years experience ~ Darin is no newcomer to professional training.

In recognition of his talents, in 2015 he was awarded the prestigious 'America's Next Great Trainer' Championship by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Also a professional athlete in his 37th year of competition, Darin is a World Natural Bodybuilding Federation proudly 'drug-free for life' competitive bodybuilder.

Although his future looked bright, at 51 years old he found himself on the brink of personal and financial disaster.
Divorce and the stress of running a business while taking care of two teenage daughters on his own were proving just too much for him.

Feeling he was out of options, late last year Darin decided he would close his training business to devote his time to his daughters.

That was before one of his training clients, who was using the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Performance Systems, introduced him to Dawn Plotts.

Darin was immediately drawn to Dawn's sincerity, conviction and her no-nonsense, low-stress proposal to simply try the Isagenix products for himself. If they worked to his own high standards, he could close at least some of his financial gap by introducing the Isagenix Program to his clients.
Moved by Dawn's caring attitude, Darin began incorporating the Isagenix Products into his personal routine.

"As I used the products, I started regaining energy, focus and productivity while my stress, anxiety and emotional concerns melted away."

"I gained 6 lbs. on the scale and 3/4 inch on each arm while melting 1 1/2 inches of fat off my stomach. I was and am now totally amazed!"

As his clients saw his results and improvements, they naturally began asking him about his new nutritional program. Dawn brought in an Isagenix product display for the studio and Darin's clients began signing up for their own Isagenix Program.

With his mind clear, his passion re-ignited and his prospects buoyed up by his new Isagenix income, Darin has reconsidered his decision to close.

"I felt so much better physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. The thing that I am happiest about is that I showed my girls to never give up on your dreams. That is very important to me. We can TELL our kids something ~ but that usually has little impact. SHOWING them in our own actions works best."
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