Team Call 2017-03-08

March 8, 2017
Meet Kelly Bartoletti, Jessica Jones and Courtney Amborn-Henderson
This week: Champions Building Champions !
A former Banker, a US Marine Corps Staff Sergeant and a US Marine Corps Master Sergeant ~ This week's guests found a Healthy Lifestyle and System that helped them overcome challenges in their own lives . . . and then went on to inspire and nurture others.
Meet Kelly Bartoletti, Jessica Jones and Courtney Amborn-Henderson
A year into recovery from cancer surgery, chemo and radiation therapy, Kelly was feeling worse every day instead of better.

Rundown, weak, overweight from the steroids and sore, she needed a real solution to get her life back.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition information on the internet, Kelly turned to a friend who had posted about the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing.

The more she found out about the Isagenix Program the more sense it made to her. "All of my cells, the good and the bad, had been destroyed from the chemo and my body was going to be growing new ones. I saw this as an opportunity to help my body grow strong, beautiful, and healthy new cells!"

She signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program and quickly started seeing results. As her focus and mental clarity returned, she found she now had the energy to walk 3 miles a day ~ and even started working out!

35 pounds later, Kelly was a new woman. Energized, positive, radiant and excited, she knew she had to share her Isagenix success with others ~ impacting their health the way she had overcome her own challenges.

Having no desire to go back to her corporate banking job, Kelly jumped into the Isagenix financial opportunity. With help from her Team mates ~ Isagenix superstars Dawn Ferrentino and Alexis Romano ~ Kelly began building her Isagenix Business. "All of a sudden, it wasn't about me. It was 100% about others!"

With two children in the US Marine Corps, naturally some of those that Kelly helped were Marines ~ including Staff Sergeant Jessica Jones who went through boot camp with Kelly's daughter.
Jessica was struggling to balance the stress of a military career with the responsibilities of a wife and mother.

In her seventh year as an active duty Marine, she was fighting a constant battle to meet height, weight and physical performance requirements.

Tired, overwhelmed, stressed and now pregnant with her 2nd child, she turned to Kelly and the hope of Nutritional Cleansing.

Once she finished breast-feeding, Jessica began her Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program. The weight loss ~ 12 pounds ~ energy boost and convenience were everything she had hoped for.

Jessica next added the Isagenix Amped Performance products to help her through her martial arts instructor training - 12 hours a day of combat conditioning, grappling and fighting.

"This past year I ran the best physical fitness test and combat fitness test ever in all of my 9 years of service and was recently promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant."

The dramatic change in Jessica's stress levels, performance and well-being have inspired her to help those around her.

"I've become truly passionate about helping other service members, friends and family get healthy. Just sharing my experience with others has created an additional income stream that has had a dramatic impact in my life and my marriage."

One of the first people Jessica shared with was her Marine Corps Recruiter, Master Sergeant Courtney Amborn-Henderson.
Having watched her battle with weight and energy problems for years, Courtney was impressed with Jessica's Isagenix transformation.

Even more so, as Courtney herself had fought those same health battles throughout her 17 years in the Corps.

She had tried every weight-loss program under the sun, but nothing seemed to work. She finally resorted to starving herself for days before her semi-annual official weigh-ins to save her career.

Jessica's results were the ray of hope she had been looking for. Courtney signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Loss Program in January of 2016. By May, she breezed through her next official Marine Corps weigh-in ~ 15 pounds under her weight allowance!

Continuing on an Isagenix Maintenance Program, Courtney has so far shed 20 pounds and 33 inches. For Courtney though, the best changes that following the Isagenix Program has brought her are internal.

"I regained the self-confidence, energy, healthy glow and attitude that I hadn't had for years. Most importantly, my children got their mom back. A mom that is happy, full of energy and smiling all the time!"

As people started noticing and asking what she was doing, Courtney naturally began sharing her Isagenix discovery. Soon she was helping others and changing lives. "I knew the Isagenix nutrition would be life-changing for so many Marines and I had to share it with them", says Courtney.

"Today, it's my goal not only to help Marines, family, and friends lose weight and get healthy ~ I want them to discover and experience the financial freedom that I am experiencing. It's the best feeling in the world to be able to help them."
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