Team Call 2017-02-22

February 22, 2017
Meet Alexis Romano and Desiree and Mike Coluzzi
This week: Game Changer !
An Isagenix Superstar and Millionaire, a former Pharmaceutical Sales Rep and an Attorney ~ this week's guests discovered a lifestyle and opportunity that changed their lives ~ then went on to change the lives of others.
Meet Alexis Romano and Desiree and Mike Coluzzi
Alexis Romano didn't start out as a Network Marketing rock star. In 2008, she worked full-time as a High School Counselor and part-time, as a tutor and as a waitress. There wasn't really time for a life ~ it was all just working to make ends meet.

When she was first introduced to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program that year, Alexis was simply an enthusiastic product user ~ naturally sharing the Isagenix benefits with her family and friends.

Although she did need extra income, she was definitely not interested in network marketing ~ until her sponsor pointed out that she was already doing it ! When that sank in, Alexis agreed to attend an Isagenix event and there the opportunity finally clicked.

Although there were many obstacles along the way, Alexis kept moving steadily forward. Always working towards her goal of financial freedom ~ attending events, building her structure and growing her Isagenix Team.

Today, Alexis has become an Isagenix legend. Her list of accomplishments grows every year ~ Top Isagenix Income Earner ~ Isagenix Millionaire ~ 2014 Isagenix Leader of the Year ~ Certified Health Coach and Gym Owner ~ and Isagenix 2015 Woman of the Year !

Embracing the limitless Isagenix possibilities with hard work and dedication has certainly paid off for Alexis and for her Team. Her energy, positive attitude and devotion to helping others succeed make her an inspiring role model and mentor.

One Team Member inspired by Alexis' vision is Desiree Coluzzi.
After 15 years as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep ~ dealing with high stress and corporate politics ~ Desiree was desperately looking for a fulfilling career she could finally be passionate about.

When she was introduced to Isagenix and Alexis Romano, she was certain she had found both the right opportunity and her ideal mentor.

Step one of course was to use the products and experience the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing for herself. Desiree certainly wasn't overweight, but the stress and exhaustion from her unhappy work situation were a constant drag on her health and well-being.

After a short time using the Isagenix products all that began to turn around. By the time she completed her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program ~ energetic, slimmer and feeling better than she had in years ~ she was convinced.

Soon after, Desiree made the decision to resign from her stressful corporate job to devote herself full-time to sharing with others the Isagenix products and results she loved.
"I worked closely with my Team, was coachable and plugged into everything. I just got to work and got into action daily."

Four years later, Desiree is still grateful that she seized this life-changing opportunity.

"I am so grateful and fulfilled every day. I love our Isagenix culture and have made wonderful friends who are now like family.

Mike and I have a 14 year old daughter and to be able to be there for her all the time is priceless. "
Desiree's husband Mike was also feeling the stress of a hectic corporate life. Finding healthy meal choices that fit his busy schedule was becoming more and more difficult every day.

Mike had always had difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. Without a system to follow, he was worried that he would slip back into his old unhealthy habits.

Desiree's successful results convinced him to give Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing a try for himself.

Mike's results and his decision to maintain a healthy Isagenix lifestyle for the past four years speak for themselves. "The Isagenix products have allowed me to maintain my weight for the past 4 years and truly create a new lifestyle that eliminates the stress and worry about my weight. It’s awesome."

As an attorney and real estate entrepreneur, Mike is no stranger to the stress and sometimes high risk of the corporate world. The Isagenix business opportunity, Team support and the benefit of residual income was a pleasant surprise.

"Prior to Isagenix I never had the opportunity to create residual income ~ let alone one that I was able to build alongside my wife, from the comfort of our home and based on such a strong vision of physical and financial empowerment.

Isagenix has been one of the greatest gifts that ever entered our lives. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and to those who introduced it to us."
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