Team Call 2017-02-15

February 15, 2017
Meet Michelle Caravella, Janna O'Neil and Steven O'Neil
This week: Breaking Through Barriers !
An Office Manager, a former Executive Admin and an Electrical Contractor ~ this week's guests overcame their personal barriers, found the key to break free and achieved their own lasting success.
Meet Michelle Caravella, Janna O'Neil and Steven O'Neil
Losing weight after her pregnancy was challenging for Michelle.

Although she ate healthy and even began juicing, she soon reached a discouraging plateau.

A Facebook post by Peter Kaufmann extolling the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing caught her attention and got her excited again.

Isagenix sounded like exactly what Michelle was looking for. A simple, healthy System she could follow easily. She signed up for her first Isagenix Cleansing and Weight Loss Program right away.

Within the first few weeks she sailed past her plateau as the pounds started to come off. Not only was she shedding the extra weight ~ she felt better than ever before and was even more motivated to stick to the Isagenix Program!

Two and a half years later and over sixty pounds lighter, Michelle is amazed at how simple it has been to keep the weight off just by following the Isagenix Maintenance system.

Although Michelle initially had no interest in the business whatsoever, people insisted she share her success story. Enrollment after enrollment, her Isagenix Team began to build. Her new income first started off paying a few bills then kept growing.

"As a result of this income, I have recently purchased a summer home for my family which has been a dream of my husband's and I for a very long time. I finally feel like I can make a difference in people's lives and I wake up with purpose and passion now."

Two Team members who have also broken through their barriers are Janna and Steven O'Neil.
Poor sleep, fatigue, lack of energy, stress and weight gain were dragging Janna down. She had changed her diet and begun eating healthy ~ it seemed to make no difference.

She felt some hope when a friend began posting about Nutritional Cleansing on facebook ~ but money was tight and Janna didn't think she could afford it.

Six months later, she decided she couldn't afford not to try. Janna reached out to her friend again and signed up for her first Isagenix Cleansing and Weight Loss Program.

As Janna followed the Isagenix Program she felt the changes. Sleep was restful again, her energy, clarity and focus flooded back ~ even her complexion improved!

I started to feel like I was human again!! My family saw a huge difference in me ~ mentally and physically ~ and we had a happy household again."

As Janna transformed and the excess weight began to drop off, everyone around her noticed and began asking questions.

"The next thing I knew, I had a team of Isagenix cleansers under me! I was so happy to be sharing this amazing gift of health with others."

Eventually, her Isagenix income surpassed her regular job. The next step in Janna's journey was to quit her stressful day job to pursue her Isagenix business full time.

"Isagenix has helped me gain freedom in my life and I make my own hours. It has allowed me to travel throughout the year to Isagenix events, which helps in growing my Isagenix business."
Janna's husband Steven was tired, out of shape, sleeping badly and suffering from numerous aches and discomforts.

The mental, emotional and physical stress of running a small business, and the results of his poor eating habits built up over the years.

His probable future was brought home to him when his father suffered multiple health setbacks ~ which his doctors attributed to his own unhealthy lifestyle choices.

"I realized that I was living the exact same lifestyle as my father ~ same stress, same eating habits, same environment and I was 25 years younger than him. Where was I headed?", says Steven.

With that warning in mind, Steven decided to follow Janna's example and joined her on her Isagenix journey to a healthier lifestyle. As he progressed through his own Isagenix Program, his energy, clarity and focus increased as his "middle aged middle" decreased.

Steven had so much energy in fact, that he started going to the gym just to burn it off. Determined to take control of his body, he next leveraged the Isagenix Amped Performance Products and the 16-week IsaBody Challenge to accelerate his transformation.

Now on his third IsaBody Challenge, Steven's mental and physical transformation has been impressive ~ first dropping from 164 pounds to 140 pounds, then committing to building back up to 164 pounds of lean muscle.

Building a residual Isagenix income alongside Janna has become a new passion for Steve. "I have found an incredibly fulfilling way to live my life ~ creating new goals for myself while helping others achieve things they never thought possible."

"It's not easy or get rich quick, but if you're willing to put in the work, it's an investment in the most valuable asset any of us will ever have ~ time freedom."
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