Team Call 2017-02-08

February 8, 2017
Meet Natasha Nelson, Rob Staats and Elliott Carlson
This week: Energy, Focus & Fulfillment !
A Real Estate Developer and Yoga Instructor, a Sales Professional and Craft Brewer and a former Bar Owner ~ this week's guests are high-school friends who discovered Products and a lifestyle that changed their lives and are now committed to sharing their healthy vision with others.
Meet Natasha Nelson, Rob Staats and Elliott Carlson
As a real-estate developer, contractor and yoga instructor for 14 years, Natasha had always been high-energy.

A year and a half after giving birth though, she just couldn't seem to get her mojo back. Fitful, unsatisfying sleep left her waking up exhausted, low-energy and unfocused.

Nutritional strategies, alternative medicine, supplements ~ nothing seemed to help. She had almost given up hope when she was introduced to Nutritional Cleansing by a high school friend, Peter Kaufmann and his wife Wendy.

Pete and Wendy looked great ~ younger, vibrant and in great shape ~ but Natasha wasn't 100% convinced. It was when Pete mentioned improved energy and better sleep that Natasha perked up ~ then signed up for her first Isagenix Cleansing and Weight Loss Program.

Soon after starting her Isagenix Program, Natasha slept through her first 8-hour night in a decade and even had the energy to start back at the gym!

"By the end of my first Isagenix Program I felt like a new person. I had found a Nutritional Program that was effective on every level. I didn't just like, I needed it!"

As a 'bonus', Natasha shed all her baby weight, then went on to shed an additional 8 pounds ~ putting her back at her high school weight.

"Over two years later, I maintain my original results with relative ease. I have sustained energy, I am more focused. I am stronger and fitter than I have been in many years and I still feel like the best is yet to come!"

Of course Natasha shared her Isagenix discovery with family and friends and went on to build her own Isagenix Team. Rob Staats and Elliott Carlson are two of Natasha's high school friends who have also had their lives re-invigorated.
At 41, Rob endured his own difficulties with poor sleep and low energy.

Constant discomfort in his neck and back, feeling overweight, out of shape and frustrated drove him to look for a solution.

Natasha's inspiring facebook posts about Nutritional Cleansing and her tough-minded attitude caught his attention. Knowing that he needed a complete Program that he could follow, Isagenix seemed like the perfect answer.

Determined, Rob committed himself to a healthier future, set his goals and signed up for his first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

The first sign of success was when his chronic neck and back discomfort seemed to melt away. Next was when he hit his initial weight loss goal early. Amazed, he decided to reset his goals and see just how lean and healthy he could get.

"By the time I finished, I was in the best shape of my life. The best I ever felt I looked before was just OK. I grew up surfing, but was always in the water with a shirt on. I was embarrassed about my shape. I was short and soft - to be nice. Now, I am just in awe of this transformation!"

Having gone from a size 38 to a size 31, with energy through the roof and improved mental clarity and focus, of course people noticed Rob's transformation.

"I had no intention of starting an Isagenix business. But people were coming to me and asking 'what's up?' I found the Fountain of Youth. When you do, you feel obligated to share it with everyone."
Elliott is another of Natasha's high school friends who was intrigued by her facebook posts about Nutritional Cleansing.

As an entrepreneur opening his second bar Elliott was used to 70-hour work weeks and high stress.

Although he had always hit the gym, lately he had plateaued as his lifestyle caught up with him. Tired, not sleeping well and drinking too much, he too was in need of a solution.

When Natasha first told him about Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing, Elliott decided it wasn't for him. Three months later ~ in April of 2015 ~ his situation still hadn't changed. He reached out to Natasha again and committed to his own Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

"I started feeling better and sleeping better. The weight loss and the positivity that came along with it, were undeniable."

The Isagenix lifestyle changes had a huge impact on Elliott's goals and on his future. He changed his unhealthy habits, sold his bar business and moved from New York to Los Angeles to start a new career in Health and Wellness.

"The clarity I got from my new healthy lifestyle, along with the mindset training that came with Isagenix was a major factor in visualizing and then realizing this massive life change."

Today, Elliott is living what he can only describe as a 'fantasy life' ~ working on his own schedule, building his Isagenix business and enjoying a clean, healthy life.

"I am super grateful for this program that not only cleaned up my body, but cleared my mind. Isagenix gave me the focus to really harness and dial in the life I've always wanted."
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