Team Call 2017-02-01

February 1, 2017
Vicki Pollack, Lauren McLean and Marissa Campbell
This week: Sharing the Passion !
Two Publishing and E-learning Sales Specialists and a Restaurenteur and Caterer ~ This week's guests embraced a healthy lifestyle, shared their new passion and together are now on a path to freedom and fulfillment !
Meet Vicki Pollack, Lauren McLean and Marissa Campbell
According to Vicki . . . Isagenix didn't just change her life ~ Isagenix shaped, created and then became her life.

Vicki was first introduced to Nutritional Cleansing by Isagenix Superstar Alexis Romano.

Although Alexis told her about the Isagenix business opportunity, Vicki was never interested. For years she was content to remain a very satisfied product user.

Of course, Alexis never gave up on her. In 2014, Vicki found out she was pregnant. Alexis asked her a simple question ~ "What are you going to do after the baby is born ~ are you going back to work?"

The more Vicki thought about her job, the less appealing going back sounded. As a Technology Specialist selling textbooks and e-learning products for a publishing company, she worked long, stressful 70-hour weeks.

"Alexis invited me to look at the Isagenix business opportunity one more time. She told me it could change my life ~ and boy was she right!" says Vicki.

The opportunity finally clicked and Vicki started her Isagenix business in May 2014. By August 2016 she was able to leave her corporate job to build her Isagenix Team full-time.

"I now work my Isagenix business full-time from home, while my amazing 2 year old son goes to the best school in the world. My husband works on a part time basis and our next goal is to bring him home for good."

"My greatest passion has become sharing this gift with OTHER parents whose lives do not have to be living in that 70-hour a week rat race that I was living in for so long."

One of those that Vicki shared her passion with is her former co-worker, Lauren McLean.
Lauren was working the same job and long, grueling hours as Vicki ~ not earning enough to make ends meet and constantly worrying about paying bills.

Sugar and caffeine got her through the day ~ but still she felt lost, without purpose, energy or a future.

When Vicki first told her about the amazing nutritional products she was sharing and the additional income she was earning, Lauren paid no attention.

Like Alexis, Vicki didn't give up. The next time Vicki shared ~ on a road trip to a work conference ~ Lauren opened her mind and listened. Then she researched Isagenix and the products and was immediately impressed.

"By the time we saw the Manhattan skyline, I felt like my prayers had been answered ~ solutions to what I had been looking for in my life for years."

Lauren signed up and ordered her first Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Loss Program. Not only did she finally release those last 10 pounds that diets and exercise alone never seemed to drop ~ her energy skyrocketed and her sugar cravings disappeared.

Convinced, Lauren began sharing the Isagenix Program with family and friends and soon built her own Isagenix Team.

"With commitment and hard work, the income I've earned with Isagenix has allowed me to pay large bills, take vacations and relieved so much stress from daily life. I can't imagine my life without these products and the amazing community of people I am a part of."

As Lauren follows her path to freedom, she is changing the lives of those around her. One of those people is Marissa Campbell.
Between emotional trauma, chronic discomfort and the stress of her career as a restaurant and catering entrepreneur, at only 40 Marissa was in poor shape.

Unable to exercise, she began putting on weight ~ feeling lethargic, even more stressed and on an emotional roller coaster.

The breaking point was shopping for her wedding dress. Nothing fit the way she knew it should have. The person she saw in the mirror just couldn't be her.

Her friend Lauren had reached out to her about Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Loss on Facebook and LinkedIn. Trusting her friend, hopeful and determined to find a solution, Marissa signed up for her first Isagenix Program.

First she noticed her energy increasing, and her mood and mental clarity improving. At her next trip to the bridal salon, the dress she tried on was 2 sizes smaller. Then followed 3 rounds of alterations to keep making it even smaller.

"I released 25 pounds and 40 inches for my wedding. I felt awesome on my wedding day which was priceless to me." says Marissa.

"Since my wedding I have continued to transform my body and maintained a size small and my ideal weight for over a year and a half. I absolutely love myself inside and out ~ emotionally, physically and mentally and don't feel broken anymore."

Marissa was so moved by her experience that her passion and purpose in life has shifted from owning restaurants to building an Isagenix business ~ helping people find balance and their best self with nutritional cleansing.

"I will never stop sharing this gift with others and helping them live a life they love."
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