Team Call 2017-01-25

January 25, 2017
Meet Denise Wiggins and Mary Monteiro
This week: Embracing New Possibilities !
A Successful Global Entrepreneur and a Junior High School Counselor ~ This week's guests broke free from life's stresses and limitations, Loved the Products and System that helped revitalize their lives and are now Sharing with the world !
Meet Denise Wiggins and Mary Monteiro

Managing and directing multiple global businesses ~ burning the midnight oil to balance her professional and personal life ~ Denise's high-stress lifestyle was taking its toll on her health.

Her mind said she was still young, but her body seemed to be telling a different story. At only 49, inflammation, lack of energy and sleep difficulties were becoming major problems ~ holding her back from her potential.

When a friend suggested Nutritional Cleansing, Denise was ready. After thoroughly researching the products, she started on her first Isagenix Cleansing and Fat-Burning System.

"From day one on the Isagenix Program, my life found a new path to follow. One which has been forever life-changing."

As she continued on the Isagenix program, Denise's discomforts began to drop away. She began sleeping soundly. Stress was now something she just managed ~ easily. As a welcome bonus, her weight seemed to shed away as well.
Two years later, Denise is a new healthy go-getter with boundless energy ~ 55 pounds lighter and 45 inches thinner!

She is now sharing her discovery with the world, building her own Isagenix Team.

"I am completely loving my new balanced lifestyle and live in the present with incredible zest, love, hope and faith. My future is bright and my healthy aging is on target.

I know I will always have the ease of this wonderful Isagenix program to help me make a conscious decision to live nutritionally healthy."

One friend and Team Member who has also been revitalized is Mary Monteiro.

Denise taste-testing New White Cheddar Whey Thins with Isagenix CEO Jim Coover at NYKO 2017
Mary's first reaction to Isagenix was that it wasn't for her. She didn't need a weight-loss program.

When she discovered that Denise had once suffered from many of the same issues she was facing, Mary took a second look.

At age 49, long days as a Junior High School Counselor had left Mary with extreme physical discomfort, fatigue and emotional distress.

Still a bit skeptical, but hopeful, Mary signed up for her own Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program in February of 2015.

When she first noticed her discomforts lessening, she thought it might just be her mind playing tricks on her. Then she began sleeping better. She had much more energy and her body shape was changing. By the time she shed 17 inches and her 'jelly rolls' turned into lean muscle without any exercise, Mary was a believer!

Soon she found herself able to exercise again and she felt even better. Her husband joined her on her Isagenix Journey ~ and he shed 37 pounds and 50 inches! Following their healthy Isagenix lifestyle for life was now a no-brainer.

"I am the healthiest I have been since my 30's and I am about to be 51. I sleep like a baby, rarely have physical discomfort anymore and have more energy to enjoy life with those I love." says Mary.

Mary and her husband were sure they didn't have the free time to build an Isagenix business ~ but people just kept asking what they were doing and could they help them get healthier too.

"The incredible feeling of helping others achieve their goals gave us the drive to reach out to even more people. Before we knew it, we had built a small team that started growing."

"The residual income we have created has helped our family pay for some costly expenses (like college) plus enjoy some extra vacation time together. I am truly living a quality life again and even taking on new adventures."
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