Team Call 2017-01-04

January 4, 2017
Meet Cathy Ricci and Ray SanMartin
This week: Forever Young !
An Accountant and Grandmother and a Sleep Technician and Grandfather ~ This week's guests changed their future ~ embracing a solution that re-energized them with healthy vitality and built a new residual income stream through helping others!
Meet Cathy Ricci and Ray SanMartin
By September of 2014, none of Cathy's weight loss 'solutions' seemed to be working any more.

Pills and starvation diets hadn't worked ~ every time she stopped the weight came rushing back.

Looking for a better solution, she studied nutrition, ate healthy and exercised. That worked for a while. But, through relationship problems and family loss, the weight crept back up. No matter how much she worked out or how she ate, she couldn't seem to lose a pound.

Worried about her health, exhausted after sleepless nights and forced to nap in her car at lunch to make it through the day, Cathy was ready for a solution.

When a friend invited her to an Isagenix presentation, she said yes. Convinced by Dawn Ferrentino and her Team's sincerity and their belief in the Isagenix System, Cathy signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program. That one decision changed her life.

As Cathy followed the program, the weight began dropping off and her energy shot up. Soon she was sleeping through the night and jumping out of bed raring to go!

"Within a month, I was thrilled to reach my goal weight. I bought a new dress to wear to my grandson's christening and I wasn't hiding behind anyone in the pictures anymore."

The change was so remarkable that friends and family insisted on knowing what she was doing. Then they began signing up too! By the end of her first 30-Day Isagenix Program, Cathy had already shared Isagenix with 10 new Associates. Her Isagenix Business was off and running!

Through years of working two jobs to put her kids through college, Cathy had always been financially stressed ~ worrying about tomorrow. As her Isagenix business continued to grow, that stress disappeared.

"By the first of last year, I was earning enough extra income to give up my private accounting clients. I now spend that time coaching others on my growing team to success in their Isagenix Programs and in their Isagenix businesses ~ and I now have precious time to spend playing with my grandson."

One of Cathy's Team members who has also been re-vitalized is Ray SanMartin.
By June of 2015, Ray's health had sunk so low that his doctor asked if he had his affairs in order.

Overweight, out of shape, exhausted and always stressed ~ he felt trapped in a downward spiral to poorer and poorer health.

At only 62 ~ with 4 daughters, 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren ~ Ray desperately wanted out of that deadly spiral.

Ray's life-changing moment came when a longtime friend ~ Cathy's brother ~ turned up looking so fit and slim that Ray could hardly recognize him. When he told Ray about Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing, Ray was skeptical but determined to give it a try for himself.

"I had tried so many times in the past to lose weight. I have to tell you that I did not truly believe Isagenix would work, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to give it my best shot."
Ray's efforts certainly paid off. In fact, after a few weeks his Isagenix results were so good that his wife signed up for her own Isagenix Program.

By the time Ray finished his third 30-Day Isagenix Program, he thought he had released most of his excess weight.

To his amazement however ~ following a simple Isagenix Maintenance System ~ the weight continued to drop off. By June of last year, Ray had released over 100 pounds and is now a proud member of the Isagenix 100-Pound Club!

"As a result of my weight loss, I have become more energetic ~ in June I began spending 2 hours every other day in the gym working out.

I no longer worry about tomorrow, In fact, I can't wait for it! As I look forward to retirement, the income from sharing the amazing Isagenix program has taken a lot of the financial worries out of the equation. I feel the best things in life are yet to come!"
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