Team Call 2016-11-30

November 30, 2016
Meet Ciji Siddons, Lara Leopaldi and Marie Isner
This week: No Limits !
Bartender turned IsaMillionaire, a former Wall Street financier now a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a stay-at-home mom and Certified Nutrition Health Coach ~ This week's guests found the System, Healthy Lifestyle and Freedom to break free from life's limitations and achieve their dreams.
Meet Ciji Siddons, Lara Leopaldi and Marie Isner.
Ciji Siddons said 'No' to a lot of choices before she found the one that was exactly right for her.

When Tara Romano introduced Ciji to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program five years ago, Ciji knew that she had found something special.

Ciji's Isagenix business breakthrough came two years later at an IsaU event. "I finally got it ~ It's not about you - it's about all the other people that you can help to open up new possibilities in their lives."

Setting her sights on success, Ciji went to work. Today, Ciji is an Isa-Millionaire and an amazing Team Leader. She has built an impressive international Team while enjoying the freedom of working for herself ~ on her own terms.

"I always knew I wasn't meant for a standard job. I am now living a dream I never envisioned was even possible because someone cared enough to introduce this opportunity to me."

Two members of Ciji's Team who have also been energized by Isagenix are Lara Leopaldi and Marie Isner.
Despite a Wall Street position, Lara was feeling lost and unfulfilled.

The job pressures and stress of being on call 24/7, the long daily commute ~ all left her frustrated and exhausted.

Ciji's facebook posts about the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing were Lara's wake-up call. She certainly didn't feel as healthy, vibrant or positive as Ciji's posts.

Soon after she started her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Lara fell in love with the Isagenix products.

No more coffee needed to get her through the day, work-outs were incredible and she was brimming with new energy.

The last barrier to overcome was her job. As a finance major who spent her day staring at computer screens, she wasn't certain she was cut out for a people business like Isagenix. Once again, it was Ciji's example that convinced her.

With her Team's coaching, Lara dove in and began building her future with Isagenix. "Being in the financial world for 7 years, I had experienced far too many rounds of layoffs and I was not willing to leave my future in the hands of someone else any more.", says Lara.

Three years ago, Lara's hard work, dedication, and commitment paid off. With her Isagenix income, she was finally able to leave her day job. Today, Lara is an Isagenix 5-Star Golden Circle earner, able to live life on her own terms.

"The income we get to earn in this profession is truly unlimited ~ no glass ceilings. While I do earn a significant amount ~ far more than I could have made if I stayed stuck ~ the best part is I get to add value and be of service to people all over the world."
Marie was also feeling stuck. A stay-at-home Mom, she was training to become a health coach ~ yet she was constantly struggling with her own weight.

Despite working out 3-4 times a week and 90-minute Bikram Yoga sessions, she just wasn't seeing any results.

Knowing she had to shed the extra weight before becoming pregnant again, Marie was desperate for a solution.

When a fellow health coach introduced her to Nutritional Cleansing, Marie found her answer. Following the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, she easily shed the extra weight right on schedule and kept it off until her second pregnancy 6 months later.

Since giving birth, Marie has shed 37 pounds and has new confidence in her body and in her career.

"I have my confidence and my body in a place where I feel free to do whatever I want ~ without worrying about being the 'heaviest person in the room."
In fact, Nutritional Cleansing is now the main focus of Marie's Health Coaching practice ~ helping over 100 others achieve a healthy lifestyle as she builds her own Isagenix Team.

When her husband recently lost his job, Marie's Isagenix income filled the gap and relieved the stress.

"Isagenix has truly changed my life. I am so proud to have a business that provides for my family while allowing me to be home with my two children. I will never go a day without these products and this lifestyle!"
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