Team Call 2016-11-16

November 16, 2016
Alicia Pina, Chris Verges and Monica Ruiz
This week: Freedom Day !
A retired Teacher, a Mom and new Nurse and a Tub & Tile Refinishing Specialist ~ We all have our own vision of Freedom ~ Health & Wellness Freedom ~ Financial Freedom ~ Time Freedom ~ this week's guests found the Program and path to their own personal Freedom Day.
Meet Alicia Pina, Chris Verges and Monica Ruiz.
At age 46, stressed, sick and tired with barely enough energy to think, Alicia Pina was close to giving up.

28 years as a teacher had taken their toll. She was now heavier than ever and unable to sleep properly or even function from the constant stress.

Finding the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program renewed Alicia's energy and her life purpose. Two dress sizes and 15 pounds later, Alicia was energized and ready to tackle the world again ~ even her complexion cleared up!
Alicia's Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing transformation refueled her passion to help everyone she could. Sharing her message of health and financial freedom with friends came naturally.

Highlighting her new healthy look and lifestyle on Facebook proved very successful in attracting New Associates. "People notice things on Facebook", says Alicia, "Our profile picture, skin, energy level and enthusiasm for life. Then they ask, What are you doing?".

Alicia quickly moved from getting her products paid for ~ to a full-time income from her Isagenix business ~ then to her Freedom Day only 4 years later. At age 50, Alicia retired from teaching to devote all her time to helping others and building her Isagenix Team.

One person inspired by Alicia to find his own his own Freedom Day is Chris Verges.
Weight training and cardio just couldn't overcome Chris's poor eating habits. The extra pounds seemed to be here to stay.

It was meeting Alicia just before going on a cruise that changed his outlook completely.

As Chris says ~ his biggest regret was having to wait the 9 days before he got home to start his Nutritional Cleansing Journey. Once he started with his first Isagenix Pacesetter Nutritional Cleansing Program, he was unstoppable.

To his surprise, cleanse days were a breeze! No headaches, weakness or mood swings ~ and e+ shots kept his energy through the roof! As the weight dropped off and his waist shrank from 34" to 28", Chris's main challenge was buying new clothes to fit his new body.
When Chris began including Isagenix Daily Essentials with Product B Teleomere Support in his Program, he was even more amazed.

"Multiple people began telling me that I looked younger! At first I thought, oh, they're just being nice. Then I noticed I was getting looks of disbelief when I told people my age ~ 52."

35 pounds and 30 inches smaller, looking younger and fitter than ever, Chris is now a rising Isa-Entrepreneur. Having recently achieved Crystal Manager level, he is busy building his Isagenix Team ~ sharing his Freedom Day vision.
Alicia's cousin, Monica Ruiz, certainly needed all the extra energy and focus she could get.

This wife and mother of 3 had decided to return to school to pursue her dream of a new career in nursing.

In her last semester, she found her energy starting to flag ~ badly! Stress, strain, anxiety and little sleep resulted in fatigue, inability to concentrate, discomfort and digestive issues.

Determined to regain her health and focus and accomplish her dream, Monica turned to her cousins, Alicia and Ruby. They helped her order her first 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System, then coached and guided her through the Program.

The changes Monica had prayed for started after only a few weeks. Energy and clarity returned first. She now bounced out of bed in the mornings and was singing in the shower by 6 A.M. As her weight dropped off, proper nutrition began to relieve her physical symptoms and get her back on the road to success ~ energetic and loving life again.

Not only did Monica now have the healthy energy and focus to complete her studies ~ by sharing her Isagenix story and building her Team, her growing Isagenix Business helped pay for her tuition!

"Isagenix has so transformed my life in the most positive way. Singing and dancing in the early morning ~ Just loving Life ~ Just loving being Happy. Meet the New Monica Ruiz!"
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