Team Call 2016-11-09

November 9, 2016
Meet Jackie and Bryan Coney.
This week: Change YOU... Change Your Life !
A Mom and former Counselor and a Police Officer and Army Veteran ~ this week's guests are a happy couple who discovered that committing to a simple Program that changed their lifestyle was the key to health, energy and a bright active future.
Meet Jackie and Bryan Coney.
Mom of three, wife, full-time trauma, addiction, and recovery counselor... after years of juggling, Jackie was exhausted, over-weight and over-whelmed.

Yo-yo dieting and portion control programs were no help. Coffee, energy drinks and migraine pills got her through the day and left her crawling into bed when she got home.

It was when Jackie realized that she was no longer really present in her own life, that she was finally ready to accept change. She knew that a few of her husband Bryan's fellow police officers had lost weight following some program. Connecting with one of the officers' wives, Jackie soon learned about Nutritional Cleansing.

Between the simplicity of the Isagenix Program, the results she was shown and the money-back guarantee, the decision was simple. Her first 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program arrived a week later and Jackie was committed.

Within the first week she was convinced. Work days breezed past without needing caffeine or other stimulants. When she got home she was still bursting with energy, staying up to spend time with her family. Jackie shed a significant amount of weight in her first week and went on to shed a total of 55 pounds and over 4 feet off her body ~ going from a size 16 to a size 6.

"What's more important than what I lost, is what I gained. I gained a new zest for life, a natural energy that I never experienced before and confidence in my own skin that I had no idea would ever be possible.", says Jackie.
Jackie's husband Bryan was 100% certain that he didn't need Isagenix.

Bryan had been athletic as a youth and served 11 years in Afghanistan, but the stress of 10 years on the police force had really packed the pounds on.

Now, he was one of the 'big guys" on the force - at 387 pounds, too big to drive a regular sized cruiser.

When years of juicing, pills and fad diets had no effect, Bryan just came to accept his size. His wake-up call was a check-up in 2014 that laid out exactly what health risks and shortened lifespan he could expect due to his weight.
But still, he would just handle it his own way, in his own time. 10 months later, he had lost all of 19 pounds.

Then, Jackie started her Isagenix journey with amazing results.

"She literally infused me with her vision for the healthy future she wanted us both to share. At that point, I realized I wanted what she had. I placed my order at midnight that night and started using her Isagenix products the next morning."
Following the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Bryan has so far shed 108 pounds ~ and is now a proud official member of the Isagenix 100-Pound Club!

As others noticed the couple's positive changes, sharing Isagenix came naturally. Before Jackie knew it, they had attracted a Team of like-minded health warriors. By August of 2015, Jackie decided to leave corporate life to devote herself 100% to building their Isagenix Business.

"This amazing Isagenix Opportunity has allowed us to design a life that we had never even allowed ourselves to dream of ~ because we didn't know it was possible."
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