Team Call 2016-11-02

November 2, 2016
Meet Pete Kaufmann, Amy Naim and Jen SanAntonio
This week: Get Passionate !
A Musician and Entrepreneur and two very busy Moms ~ This week's guests got passionate about building a Healthier Lifestyle for themselves and their families and found new purpose in sharing their amazing success with others.
Meet Pete Kaufmann, Amy Naim and Jen SanAntonio
Working out, eating whole foods . . . 
Even though he was doing the 'right' things, Pete was still tired and just couldn't shed the extra weight he'd gained by 40.

His search for a natural, safe solution ended when his friend Barry introduced him to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

Pete's Isagenix results were amazing. Now ~ three years and 30-odd pounds later ~ the health and vitality benefits continue. Pete has kept the weight off with exercise, clean eating and a simple Isagenix Maintenance Program.

Now in the best shape of his life, he devotes his boundless energy to building his Isagenix Team with his wife Wendy ~ sharing their discovery with friends and family.

"We are in the process of buying our new home in our dream city, New Orleans. We never thought this would be possible based on our former jobs/careers, but the Isagenix opportunity has allowed us the freedom to live where we want and still grow our income while helping others succeed in health and in business."

One of those inspired by Pete's passion for life is Amy Naim.
Amy had also always been passionate about nutrition and healthy eating.

And yet, the weight from her second pregnancy seemed much harder to shed ~ and there was the constant fatigue and brain-fog to deal with.

It was Amy's husband however, who first met Pete and was intrigued by the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing.

With an extra 30 pounds to shed, he immediately ordered two Isagenix Systems ~ one for himself and one for the unsuspecting Amy. Overcoming her initial skepticism, Amy and her husband started their Isagenix journey together.

"My husband shed 30 lbs and had a lot more energy and I basically woke up! My brain fog lifted within the first week and I was feeling amazing. Oh, and I lost those last 10 sticky pounds that no amount of healthy eating and exercise had previously budged."

A second passion in Amy's life is working as a Passion Test Facilitator and blogger, helping others ~ specifically mothers ~ to re-invent themselves, rediscover their passions and do work they loved.

In Isagenix, Amy found an opportunity to combine her passions for coaching and nutrition and to meet her need to earn extra income for her family ~ without returning to the corporate world and missing precious time with her kids.

"In Isagenix, I found what I had been searching for for most of my young and adult life ~ work that is utterly fulfilling, being my own boss with my own business and helping and serving others to live their best lives ~ in body, mind and soul."

Another Team member who has also found passion and freedom in Isagenix is Jen SanAntonio.
Jen's health journey had been a series of highs and lows.

Although she was diagnosed with an enlarged thyroid at the age of 11, Jen thought of herself as the picture of fit.

She lived a healthy life ~ working out 5-6 days a week and eating well. Healthy, right?

Then, when Jen and her husband decided to start a family, there was a long, painful series of miscarriages and failed attempts. The silver lining was the two beautiful children they eventually adopted into their happy family.

A few years later, still thinking herself healthy and fit, Jen went for a routine thyroid check-up. The diagnosis was thyroid cancer. The treatment was complete thyroid removal. Post-therapy, with a clean bill of heath, Jen went back to her 'healthy' lifestyle.

Next was the diagnosis of another tumor and the surgery to remove it. By January of 2016, Jen was exhausted, 20 pounds heavier and desperate for a solution.

When a friend told her about the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Jen was both curious and skeptical at the same time. "But, what do I have to lose?", she thought. She called her friend back and said "Let's do it !"

"I shed 17 pounds! Not only did I look like me again, but I felt like me. I loved the Isagenix products so much that I was a walking billboard ~ sharing my story with everyone that asked.", says Jen.

"It was a no-brainer for me to join the Isagenix Business team. I haven't looked back since. I am sharing the gift and living the life. My journey is not over. But I know now that I finally have my healthy going on."
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