Team Call 2016-10-26

October 26, 2016
Meet Ciji Siddons, Shannon Henry and Jill Ferraro
This week: Energize Your Life !
Bartender turned IsaMillionaire, a stay-at-home Mom and a Teacher ~ This week's guests embraced a Healthy new Lifestyle, Energized their lives and discovered the road to Financial Freedom.
Meet Ciji Siddons, Shannon Henry and Jill Ferraro
When Tara Romano introduced Ciji to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program five years ago, Ciji knew that she had found something special.

Ciji's Isagenix business breakthrough came two years later at an IsaU event. "I finally got it ~ It's not about you - it's about all the other people that you can help to open up new possibilities in their lives."

Setting her sights on success, Ciji went to work. Today, Ciji is an Isa-Millionaire and an amazing Team Leader. She has built an impressive international Team while enjoying the freedom of working for herself ~ on her own terms.

"I always knew I wasn't meant for a standard job. I am now living a dream I never envisioned was even possible because someone cared enough to introduce this opportunity to me."

Two members of Ciji's Team who have also been energized by Isagenix are Shannon Henry and Jill Ferraro.
Shannon was trying hard to provide a healthy lifestyle for her family, while still struggling to lose the last 15 pounds from her pregnancies.

Overwhelmed and exhausted, it was her brother's amazing experience with Nutritional Cleansing that brought Shannon new hope.

"I can remember the moment I decided to get started. Stuck in limbo between my maternity and regular wardrobe ~ I canceled plans with friends because I didn't have clothes that fit and spent much of the night in tears."

Shannon's first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program brought results almost immediately. Energized and ready to tackle a busy day with 2 kids, she went on to eventually shed 16 pounds. Her pre-baby wardrobe finally fit again !
It wasn't just dropping the weight though. Never one to exercise before, the energy boost and well-being Shannon found with the Isagenix Program inspired a complete lifestyle change for the entire family.

"Because I felt so amazing using these products, picking up exercise and activity felt pretty natural. I started on a treadmill at home, took that outside with my kids in a jogging stroller, and then signed up for my first 5k.

My husband got on board and we ran our first half-marathon in May of 2015."

Two more half-marathons later ~ supported by the Isagenix AMPED products ~ Shannon can't get over the difference the Isagenix Program Has made in her family's life.

Not only have they achieved the healthy lifestyle she dreamed of ~ by taking advantage of the Isagenix Business Opportunity, Shannon is now also contributing to her family financially while still enjoying time at home with her sons.
Shannon's friend Jill was also struggling to find a solution.

A new mother of twins and a first-grade Teacher, Jill was overweight, exhausted and financially strapped. She was fed up with eating less, working out more and still seeing no results!

When Shannon told her about her brother's Isagenix transformation, Jill had only one question ~ "Where do I sign up?"

After her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Jill knew she had found a new lifestyle. "I felt alive. I was losing weight. And the energy... It was through the roof!"

Two years later, Jill is still a wildly enthusiastic Isagenix Product user. "I am healthier than I have ever been. I'm down over 60 pounds and I have authentic energy to keep up with my twins, my job, and my workout routine."
Even as her health and energy skyrocketed, Jill was still worried about her family's finances.

When Shannon told Jill that Isagenix also had a Business Opportunity, there was no hesitation. They were doing this!

The income from the Isagenix business she began building proved to be a financial blessing.

When Jill's husband was laid off just before Christmas, her Isagenix income kept them afloat.

As she continues her Isagenix journey, Jill is confident in her and her family's future.

"It's the solutions that make me excited. With Isagenix, I feel I have the tools to assist every single person I meet to reach their goals. It's my mission. Everyone deserves to experience the magic! "
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