Team Call 2016-10-12

October 12, 2016
Meet Dawn Bartolini and Tammy Mikrut
This week: No Compromises !
Restauranteur turned 100-Pound Club Star and Iron Girl and a Teacher, marathoner and tri-athlete ~ Our guests this week set their goals, chose the Products and System that would help them achieve ~ then followed that Program to Success!
Meet Dawn Bartolini and Tammy Mikrut
On January 22, 2013 Dawn Bartolini woke up ready to take action!

While taking care of her two children, her husband and helping in the family restaurant, she had stopped taking care of herself.

Today was the day to start changing all that !

After reading a girlfriend's facebook post and hearing her story about Nutritional Cleansing, energy and weight loss ~ Dawn had committed herself to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System and a new lifestyle.

With the nutritional support the Isagenix products gave her, Dawn now woke up invigorated ~ thinking clearer, with the energy to go to the gym. "After many failed attempts at releasing weight, I finally found something that I could do. At that point I decided never to diet again!"

In July of 2014, Dawn joined her husband Christopher in the Isagenix 100-Pound Club. Both released over 100 pounds while using the Isagenix System.
Today, Dawn is truly an Iron Girl ~ training for and competing in multiple triathlons. "I am now turning 48 this year and I can honestly say that I feel more like I did in my 20's", says Dawn.

Besides her newfound energy and well being, Dawn is also enjoying the financial benefits Isagenix has brought her. She has now retired from the family business to follow her passion and build her Isagenix Team.

Dawn's results, positive attitude and boundless Isa-energy have inspired many others to join her.

One Team Member is her cousin, Tammy Mikrut.
Tammy, her husband David and their 2 children were already living a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Despite working out 5-6 days a week and eating healthy though, at age 44, Tammy began noticing that her weight was slowly increasing.

Fortunately, the solution was close at hand ~ David's cousin Dawn and Nutritional Cleansing. Tammy and David had seen Dawn and Chris Bartolini's results first-hand and knew that Isagenix was a system that really worked.

Tammy's own results were apparent soon after she started her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program. "It was amazing how quickly my energy levels increased and how my outlook on life was changing! I was really excited to get my workouts in."

After crushing her initial goal of releasing 10 pounds, Tammy went on to find and conquer new challenges. As she trained for marathons and triathlons, the Isagenix Amped Products took her energy, performance and recovery to the next level. A half-marathon, two triathlons and a Savage race later, she is still pushing herself forwards.
Encouraging others to also step outside their comfort zone and commit to challenging themselves has become Tammy's passion.

"I have found this is where life is truly worth living. I want to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle ~ free of physical, emotional and financial burden!"

Building her Isagenix Team part-time, attending events and advancing to 1-Star Crystal Director, Tammy has already begun achieving her vision.

"Once you start feeling amazing ~ people notice. Your natural reaction is to share your story! When they see how excited you are and how passionate you are about what you are doing, they want to do it too!"
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