Team Call 2016-09-21

September 21, 2016
Meet Kim Migliore and Tina Kelly
This week:
" Changing Exhausted to Invigorated ! " ~ A hard-working Mom of 5 and an Algebra Teacher and Mom of 3 ~ this week's guests desperately needed more energy to cope with their busy lives. In Nutritional Cleansing, they found restful sleep, boundless energy, healthy weight loss and a new stream of residual income.

Meet Kim Migliore and Tina Kelly
Overweight, short-tempered, unhappy and unable to get a good night's sleep, Kim went through her days in a haze of exhaustion and guilt.

With 5 kids, 3 jobs and a husband who was also a Chicago Police Officer, there was never time or energy for herself.

Her friend Jen on the other hand was now a walking billboard for Nutritional Cleansing. Desperate for a change, Kim followed her friend's example and signed up for her first 30-Day Isagenix Program.

30 pounds later, Kim is a now a happy, healthy, energetic Isagenix enthusiast for life. Her husband Frank jumped on board as well ~ releasing 25 pounds and experiencing his own healthy energy boost.

"I have tons of energy, I sleep better and I am present in my kids' lives ! We, as a family, are healthier!", says Kim. "I don't make excuses anymore. I am so much happier and so is my family! I am so grateful I made the decision for me. I never imagined it could be so easy and that I could feel this good!"

Kim's next decision was to embrace the Isagenix financial opportunity. By simply sharing her healthy results with friends and family, she began building her Team ~ and was able to quit one of her part-time jobs without the stress or worry of not being able to pay the bills.

"I am now committed to using these wonderful products every day to increase my health and wellbeing. I am also so grateful for the Isagenix opportunity to live the life I really want for myself and my family."

One of those who have joined Kim on her journey is Tina Kelly.
Tina knows what it's like to always feel tired. As an Algebra Teacher, wife and Mom to 3 active boys, her days were draining.

Tina woke up tired, was tired most of the day and napped as soon as she got home from teaching ~ always first to bed at night and last to get up on weekends.

At the same time, she struggled with a constantly itchy and painful condition on her skin and scalp.

In late December, 2015, a facebook post from Kim caught her attention and started a conversation. "10 Ways to know your body is toxic", was the title. By January, Tina had signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse.

She soon noticed that she was waking up earlier, more refreshed and productive. After Christmas Break, her colleagues at school began to notice the difference. After a few months on the Isagenix Program, the changes became even more evident.

Instead of constant fatigue, Tina had renewed energy, focus and stamina. Her skin looked better and her clothes felt looser. To her surprise, she had released 16 pounds ~ all this before she started exercising! She was feeling better than ever before ~ vital and alive ~ a 44 year-old poster child for the benefits of healthy nutrition!
The business side of Tina's Isagenix journey seemed to build itself. People kept asking what she was doing and she simply could not stop talking to everyone she met about how great she was feeling ~ thanks to these amazing Isagenix Products.

"I did not want to build a network marketing business but I literally could not help it!"

After thoroughly researching the products, the compensation plan and the inspiring Isagenix Team culture, Tina was ready to commit to building her own Isagenix Business.

Working part-time, with the encouragement and support of her Team, she is well on the way to building a healthy residual income stream ~ recently achieving Crystal Executive.

"It's still hard for me to believe that I have weeks where my Isagenix income is more than my entire mortgage payment. And I have earned this ~ why? Because I put healthy nutrition into my body and now I share these amazing Isagenix products and the business opportunity with others !"
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