Team Call 2016-08-24

August 24, 2016
Meet Dawn Bartolini and Dawn Marie Plotts.
This week:
" Belief ~ Action ~ Results ! " ~ Restauranteur turned 100-Pound Club Star and Iron Girl and a Sales Trainer and Consultant ~ This week's guests Believed in themselves, a new lifestyle and Program. They took Action and built Results that are changing their lives and all those around them.

Meet Dawn Bartolini and Dawn Marie Plotts
On January 22, 2013 Dawn Bartolini woke up knowing she was going to make major changes in her life.

While taking care of her two children, her husband and helping in the family restaurant, she had stopped taking care of herself.

Today was the day to start changing all that !

After reading a girlfriend's facebook post and hearing her story about Nutritional Cleansing, energy and weight loss ~ Dawn had committed herself to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System and a new lifestyle.

With the nutritional support the Isagenix products gave her, Dawn now woke up invigorated ~ thinking clearer, with the energy to go to the gym. As the pounds dropped off, she even started training for Sprint Triathlons.

In July of 2014, it turned into a family affair when Dawn joined her husband Christopher in the Isagenix 100-Pound Club. Both released over 100 pounds while using the Isagenix System.

This year, Dawn and Christopher also had the honor of being selected as the proud hosts of the 100-Pound Club segment at Isagenix Celebration 2016.
Today, Dawn is truly an Iron Girl ~ training for and competing in multiple triathlons.

Besides enjoying her newfound energy and well being, Dawn is also enjoying the financial benefits Isagenix has brought her.

She has now retired from the family business to follow her passion and build her Isagenix Team. Her results, positive attitude and boundless Isa-energy have inspired many others to join her.

One of those Team mates is Dawn Marie Plotts.
Dawn Marie first met Dawn Bartolini on facebook, then discovered they had gone to the same High School and lived within 5 miles of each other.

They became friends ~ sharing lunches, gym dates, a few coaching sessions and the occasional dinner out with their husbands.

It was Dawn Marie's husband, Larry, who one night out at dinner suggested they take the Bartolini's up on their offer to look at the Isagenix Products.

Dawn was hesitant. As a Sales Trainer, Coach and Consultant, she had been involved in several direct-marketing companies ~ not all of them positive experiences. She really just wanted to keep their relationship with the Bartolini's on a social level.

But Larry jumped right in, signed up and ordered his first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System that very night. After a few days of using the products he couldn't stop telling her how great he felt ~ alive and awake!

With Larry's continuing encouragement, Dawn began researching Isagenix ~ the company and the products. As she learned about the science behind Isagenix, the culture and the business opportunity, she became more and more impressed.

After a week, she was convinced. She joined Larry and began trying the Isagenix products for herself. "I was amazed at how calm and balanced I felt. My energy, focus and productivity increased drastically."

As her Isagenix journey went on, the benefits continued. Her clothes seemed to become looser as pounds melted off. Larry had meanwhile started sharing Isagenix with his family. Their testimonials of energy gain and weight release added to Dawn's conviction to look more closely at the Isagenix business opportunity.

"I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I didn't want to sell something ~ I wanted to help people ~ really help people. Isagenix was the opportunity I was looking for."

As Dawn goes on to build her own Isagenix Team, she offers these words of encouragement. "I understand this business ~ the freedom ~ the flexibility ~ the type of life you can truly create. It's a simple business to learn, but it does require work. But it's the kind of work that can change the course of your future ~ not only for you, but for your children as well."
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