Team Call 2016-08-17

August 17, 2016
Meet Tara Romano and Jessica DiGrazio.
This week:
" Passionate Purpose ! " ~ This week's guests ~ a Fitness Instructor turned Zumba idol and a former Pharmaceutical Rep ~ started on the road to a healthier lifestyle just to break through the fog of day-to-day living. Instead, they found a system and products that changed their lives and gave them the energy and focus to find and pursue their true passions.

Meet Tara Romano and Jessica DiGrazio
Tara Romano wasn't always the energy-filled, vivacious, successful fitness and Zumba icon she is today.

Six short years ago she was still searching. Going to school and working full-time, teaching part-time as a fitness instructor ~ she was haggard, exhausted, and living paycheck to paycheck.

Tara avoided trying the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System until her sister ~ Isagenix SuperStar Alexis Romano ~ finally gifted an Isagenix Program to her for Christmas.

Of course Tara had amazing results with Isagenix ~ just as Alexis had promised. Renewed energy and losing 9 pounds had Tara convinced ~ the products now became part of her daily routine. She still had no interest whatsoever in the Isagenix business opportunity though ~ no matter what Alexis said.

Two years later, Tara finally gave in to her sister's persistence. She started attending Isagenix events, learning about the Isagenix community and soon fell in love with the business.

Tara has never looked back. Now an Isa-Millionaire in her own right and in the best shape of her life, she has built both an incredible Isagenix Team and a respected Zumba fitness brand. She splits her time between studios in LA and New Jersey, helping others succeed both physically and financially ~ achieving better health and a life of their own design.

"I was that person who said, 'I don't want to do one of those network marketing things, I don't want to sell anything.' Now I feel beyond blessed that this opportunity was shared with me. I’m just an ordinary person and now I’m literally traveling the world pursuing my passions."

One of the many Team-mates who share Tara' s passion is Jessica DiGrazio.
Jessica was tiring of the demanding life of a successful Pharmaceutical rep and mother of two ~ fatigue, stress, 60 hour work weeks...

When Jessica's friend and Zumba instructor Tara Romano suggested Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing, she was skeptical.

But, despite working out and eating well, she did feel at rock bottom and she was definitely ready for a change. So, reluctantly, she signed up.

It was when Jessica's first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program arrived that her feelings really hit her. "I realized it felt like my last hope to be normal. To feel normal. To get off the hamster wheel to nowhere."

What followed was amazing. Soon after starting her Isagenix Program, her energy "shot through the roof". She was keeping up with her kids, work-outs were better ~ she felt energized and alive!

People noticed, and she began helping them feel better too. As she immersed herself in the Isagenix culture and attended Isagenix events, her own goals, passions and vision became clearer.

"The vision of being a single mom who could design her life or even reinvent herself and walk away from corporate life really started to get clear for me."
With hard work, the support of her Team and the inspiration she found at Isagenix events, her vision has become a reality.

As a budding Cross-fit Instructor and Isagenix Business Builder ~ Jessica surrounded herself with positive like-minded people, who also realized they wanted, and deserved, more out of life.

Last year she was empowered to go part-time in corporate life. This year she parted ways with corporate life altogether ~ devoting herself full-time to building her Isagenix Business and her new lifestyle.

"It's time to give others the same opportunity I found ~ to feel good, get healthy, have flexibility and freedom from financial pressure and maybe even design a whole new life for themselves. "
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