Team Call 2016-07-20

July 20, 2016
Meet Mary Wilkens, Jeanne Burch and Susan Hickok.
This week:
" Chain of Love and Caring " ~ Retired school teacher, retired full time Army volunteer and homemakers ~ this week's guests are grandmothers, friends and two sisters who have shared the gift of health with each other... transforming their lives and going on to transform others.

Meet Mary Wilkens, Jeanne Burch and Susan Hickok
The first link in our chain is Mary Wilkens. Mary's Isagenix experience began 7 years ago while working as an Administrative Assistant in Commercial Real estate.

When a friend from church invited her to watch the Isagenix videos on the website, Mary knew she wanted the same weight loss and energy transformation she saw for herself and her family.

The next day she and her husband both signed up for their first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Programs. The results were exactly what she was hoping for ~ 14.5 lbs released for Mary and 20.5 lbs for her husband, along with newfound energy and healthy vitality.

As they continued with the program ~ 50 lbs released for Mary and 48 lbs for her husband in just a few months ~ the Business Opportunity became a no-brainer. People were constantly asking what they were doing to look so healthy. Mary became a Crystal Executive in the first 6 months and quickly advanced to 1-Star Golden Circle, attending Isagenix events and building her Team.

Two years ago, Mary returned to teaching ~ working first with teens in addiction treatment, then later in the mental health field. With this demanding and stressful career, her Isagenix plans were put on hold. Even so, the Isagenix Residual Income she had built continued to more than pay for her monthly Isagenix products.

"I never could have survived those 2 years without having the Isagenix products in my body", says Mary. Despite her dedication to helping children however, the stress eventually became overpowering. Mary recently retired from teaching and set out to relaunch her Isagenix Business full-time.

One of the people whose enthusiasm, passion and love for Isagenix inspired Mary to jump back in full-time, is her Team mate since 2013 ~ Jeanne Burch.
In 2013, Jeanne was trapped in a vicious cycle of binge eating and dieting ~ constantly worried about heart disease and all the other ills that come with obesity.

Struggling, without the energy to even climb a single flight of stairs at home, Jeanne was ready for a real solution when Mary Wilkens ~ her former college room-mate ~ called.

As Jeanne listened to Mary's story, there was just one thought in her mind. "Mary lost 50 pounds!". She could get to all that other stuff about the healthy Isagenix Products, Cellular Cleansing and the Business Opportunity later... Here was a Weight Loss Program that really worked! Needless to say, Jeanne signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program on the spot.

As Jeanne says, her body believed before she did. As the weight dropped off and her energy shot up, she began researching everything she could about the products.

"I wanted to find out why this was working for me, changing me ~ when nothing else had. I lost my craving for sweets! It was like someone hit a reset button on me ~ a total shift! I realized now that I needed to get healthy so I could lose the weight! "

Following the Isagenix System took all the guesswork out and brought amazing results. Now 82 pounds lighter ! ~ a fit trim and youthful 63 year-old ~ Jeanne is sharing her gift, building her Isagenix Team by helping others to transform.

One of those transformations is Jeanne's sister, Susan Hickok.
With each of her 3 children Susan gained a little more weight. Weight that just wouldn't come back off, no matter which diet she attempted.

Over the years, Susan became more and more self-conscious. She made up lots of excuses ~ excuses for not going swimming, for not wearing sleeveless tops, for not attending get-togethers...

Her sister Jeanne was her confidante, sharing their dreams of a better, healthier life, along with diet recipes and vows every day on the phone. "Our daily conversations consisted of plans for life transformations that never happened." says Susan.

Slowly, Susan noticed their conversations changing. Susan had seen Mary's Isagenix transformation. Now Jeanne was transforming as well. Finally, Jeanne had her join a group 'just to read a weight loss story'.

"Jeanne told me I could un-join the group after I read that story. But I never did. Every day I read story after story about people just like me who struggled their whole lives with weight issues and were now living their dream lives."

Reading the stories and watching videos of 'people just like her', pushed Susan into action. Earlier this year, she started her own Isagenix journey. Now 15 pounds lighter, enjoying better sleep and even looking forward to exercising, Susan is inspired to share her Isagenix discovery with others and has started building her own Residual Income.

"My results and the income I've already started making have inspired me to not only get my products paid for but also share with my friends and family. What a dream it is to help others become their best selves while enjoying financial freedom as well!"
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