Team Call 2016-07-13

July 13, 2016
Meet Nicole Bean and Mary Chappel.
This week:
" No Limits ! " ~ A former Sales Manager ~ now a 2016 Spirit of Isagenix nominee ~ and a homeschooling Mom turned Bikini Competitor, this week's guests are pushing their limits and soaring to new heights with a System and Program that fuels their passions.

Meet Nicole Bean and Mary Chappel
Nicole was a typical working Mom. Nine hours a day as Sales Manager for a National Beer Distributor, 2 hours of commuting, then caring for her first child at night, filled her days with no time left over.

Feeling that her life was just going through the motions, Nicole began looking for a better way.

A former college athlete, and later a women's lacrosse coach at the High School Varsity level, Nicole started searching for a plan to first revitalize her health and energy.

She soon discovered friends' facebook posts about the benefits of Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing. Despite a few doubts, Nicole signed up for her first Isagenix Program.

Within a few days of starting her Program, Nicole's doubts disappeared. " Once these products were in my body, it was like life went from rabbit ears to HD in only a few days! I knew that I had found gold and that I had to tell everyone."

As life will, her plans had to change when a month later she discovered she was pregnant with her second child. After her baby's birth, Nicole just knew she could never return to her old life. So, in September 2014 she began her full-time Isagenix career.

Since then, Nicole's Isagenix momentum has been unstoppable. From recognition as an Isagenix Rising Star at Celebration 2015, to attending Top Achievers 2016 in Maui and now being nominated for the 2016 Spirit of Isagenix award, Nicole has built both an amazing Team and financial freedom for her family.

Now a mother of 3, Nicole's hard work and vision has also allowed her husband to retire from his full-time job to build the business of his dreams.

"We are a full-time family now. Our goal is to pour the love and belief into everyone we meet to help them see that the life they dream of is absolutely possible."

One person who has embraced that love and belief is Mary Chappel.
Mary was also just living a 'normal' life. A military wife and mother of 3, her time was taken up with her family and homeschooling her children.

Although she worked out regularly, she couldn't seem to get the results she wanted ~ or overcome her cupcake addiction. But, despite seeing Nicole's Isagenix results, she just wasn't ready to commit to a 'Program".

All that changed the day Mary saw her finish line photo from a 5K race. She had been ecstatic at completing the race, but now she was dumbfounded.

"When I logged in and saw my picture I almost instantly started to cry. I didn't know that person. That person looked exhausted. She looked shorter and wider than I ever saw myself. That wasn't me."

Now Mary was beyond ready. She was desperate! Calling, texting and facebook messaging, in 5 minutes she left 15 frantic messages for Nicole. "I NEEDED this solution!", says Mary.

Of course, Nicole immediately got Mary started on her own Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program. Seeing results after only a few weeks kept Mary pushing forwards ~ reaching her weight goal in just a few months. With all her new-found energy and healthy habits, Mary started looking for new challenges.

Her first conquest was a Spartan race ~ mud, obstacles and running. Next came weight-lifting which naturally progressed into fitness competition. "I prepped and cut for my first ever bikini competition using only Isagenix products. A year after the start of my journey ~ as a 30 year-old mother of 3 ~ I placed 2nd in my height class. I was in shock !"

Building her health, a strong Isagenix Team and her passion for helping others, has had a profound effect on Mary's life and she has no intention of ever slowing down.

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to help others reach their health and wellness goals while still home schooling my kids and supporting my husband's military career."
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