Team Call 2016-06-22

June 22, 2016
Meet Alexis Romano and Jodi Bloom.
This week:
" Success... On Your Terms ! " ~ This week's guests ~ a former High School Counselor turned Isagenix Superstar and a former Corporate Executive and MBA ~ have found their own vision of personal success and fulfillment in Network Marketing. Friends for over 30 years and now Team-mates, they are changing lives and building new futures.

Meet Alexis Romano and Jodi Bloom
Alexis Romano didn't start out as a Network Marketing rock star. In 2008, she worked full-time as a High School Counselor and part-time, as a tutor and as a waitress. There wasn't really time for a life ~ it was all just working to make ends meet.

When she was first introduced to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program that year, Alexis was simply an enthusiastic product user ~ naturally sharing the Isagenix benefits with her family and friends. Although she certainly did need extra income, she was definitely not interested in network marketing ~ until her sponsor pointed out that she was already doing it ! When that sank in, Alexis agreed to attend an Isagenix event and there the opportunity finally clicked.
Although there were many obstacles along the way, Alexis kept moving steadily forward. Always working towards her goal of financial freedom ~ attending events, building her structure and growing her Isagenix Team.

Today, Alexis has become an Isagenix legend. Her list of accomplishments grows every year ~ Top Isagenix Income Earner ~ Isagenix Millionaire ~ 2014 Isagenix Leader of the Year ~ Certified Health Coach and Gym Owner ~ and Isagenix 2015 Woman of the Year !

Embracing the limitless Isagenix possibilities with hard work and dedication has certainly paid off for Alexis and for her Team. Her energy, positive attitude and devotion to helping others succeed make her an inspiring role model and mentor.

One Team Member with the same vision of personal freedom is Jodi Bloom.
Jodi had followed the traditional road to Corporate Success. She went to college, got her MBA and began working her way up the ladder.

After years of hard work she had finally made it ~ an executive position with a six-figure income as a pharmaceutical Director of Marketing!

But the hectic, stressful environment and cut-throat corporate culture constantly forced her to choose between her job and her family. As the stress and frustration mounted, her family, her job and her health began to suffer.

Forced to decide, Jodi chose to walk away from her six-figure income and corporate future to devote herself 100% to raising her three children.

"I actually felt a little lost and really wanted to be able to contribute to the finances of my family", says Jodi. "But I couldn't find a career where I would able to make good money and have the flexibility to be there for my kids. Fortunately, Isagenix came along and changed my life."

For years, Jodi had watched as Alexis Romano and a few other old high school friends posted amazing stories about the health and financial benefits they had achieved with Isagenix. Having gained 15 pounds after knee surgery, Jodi was finally ready to give the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program a try for hersef.
Almost immediately, she began to feel the difference in her body. After just a few days, she called Alexis and said "I am in! I am gong to build a business with you and these amazing products!"

Jodi went on to drop 19 pounds and, a year later, has kept them off with a simple Isagenix Maintenance program. Her husband Jim jumped on the Isagenix Program and shed 20 pounds. Even Jodi's kids began asking for breakfast IsaLean shakes and IsaLean Bars for lunch!

Jodi has gone on to build her own Isagenix Team ~ recently advancing to the rank of Director. "I am inspired by the most amazing team-mates and I get to have such a rewarding career helping others get healthy and fit with products that I love. The best part is that I get to be here for my family and never, ever again have to feel that I am missing out on their lives."
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