Team Call 2016-06-08

June 8, 2016
Meet Jamie Mirabito and Patty Doyle-Jones.
This week:
" Ready For Change " ~ Making a long-lasting, meaningful change in your lifestyle takes both commitment and the tools to make it happen. This week's guests ~ an Organic Farmer and a Veterinary Surgeon ~ were ready for change and found the right Program and Products to help them succeed.

Meet Jamie Mirabito and Patty Doyle-Jones.
As an Organic Farmer, Jamie was certain she was eating clean, healthy foods.

Still, there was the baby-weight she was still carrying after 16 years. Portion control, coffee and a craving for sweets weren't helping ~ and neither were diets that sacrificed long-term health for short-term results.

By the time she met Isagenix Super-Star Alexis Romano, Jamie knew she needed a real change. The alternative was getting a little less vibrant and a little less healthy with each passing year.

Seeing the phenomenal results of Alexis and her Team gave Jamie new hope and showed her a realistic Program to achieve the body and health she desired. Despite a little skepticism, she signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program and joined Alexis' Team.

The results? As Jamie says, "The short story ~ 30 pounds released... countless inches gone... 3 dress sizes history! "

"But the longer story is what really matters. Food cravings gone, consistent energy throughout my day, energized workouts that deliver results, handling stress like a charm, sleeping like a baby, waking rested and recharged. My body continues to transform even while on a simple maintenance plan and I feel better than I did when I was 20."

With such powerful results, the Isagenix Business Opportunity was a no-brainer. Nutritional Cleansing aligned perfectly with Jamie's passion for organic farming. By coaching others to achieve and maintain a vibrant state of health, Jamie has now built her own thriving Isagenix Team.

"What's so beautiful is that by simply assisting others and aligning myself with the right company and the right compensation plan, I have been able to create the wealth that I always knew was possible with network marketing. I am beyond blessed that my journey led me to Isagenix."

One member of Jamie's Team who was also ready for change is Patty Doyle-Jones.
20+ years of long days, and longer nights, as a board certified Veterinary Equine Surgeon were taking their toll on Patty.

Fast approaching burn-out, the untimely passing of a fellow surgeon was her wake-up call that life is short and unpredictable. Resolving to make a change, Patty decided to take 6 months off and thru-hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine !

Discussing the challenge of nutrition on her upcoming hike with her neighbor Jamie, was Patty's introduction to Isagenix. "Jamie casually offered me a couple of shake packets to sample, explaining their completeness and convenience as a meal, and the convenience of the autoship program."

Impressed, Patty signed up. Isagenix IsaPro Shakes, Isalean bars, Ageless Essentials and Ionix Supreme became the fuel for Patty's daunting 5-month hike. Armed with her Isagenix nutrition and her trusty Isagenix shaker, she made it all the way.

"I never tired of the products and the small shaker and product packaging never once failed throughout the hike. My hike was charmed as I was well nourished throughout and I completed it without difficulty."

Returning home, Patty later became interested in the business side of Isagenix. Attending an Isagenix event with Jamie pushed her enthusiasm through the roof. Now following a complete Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, she released 12 pounds and, with soaring energy levels, launched her Isagenix Business.

" I am thoroughly enjoying developing my Isagenix Business with my Teammates. Over the last year, I have gained more energy, strength, motivation and interest in my well-being and that of others than ever before. "
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