Team Call 2016-06-01

June 1, 2016
Meet Shelby Wildgust and Rob Brandt.
This week:
" The Next Level " ~ Nutritional Cleansing and Network Marketing aren't just about amazing weight loss and financial success. This week's guests refocused on a Healthy Lifestyle and seized the energy, clarity and opportunity they found to take their life performance to the next level.

Meet Shelby Wildgust and Rob Brandt.
Shelby never really saw herself as overweight.

True, she felt unmotivated, lazy, tired and just generally 'blah'. She wished her body would 'magically' morph all by itself ~ despite all the junk and fast food she ate.

Then her friend Amanda Matz committed to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program and transformed herself right before Shelby's eyes . That was the reality check she needed. Inspired by her friend's results and determined to take charge of her life too, Shelby ordered her own 30-Day Isagenix Program.

Today ~ 11 pounds lighter with the energy to wake up every morning actually excited to go to the gym ~ Shelby can't imagine her day without Isagenix. She has gone from 'blah' to 'wow !' . . . and won't ever be going back.

Telling her friends about 'this amazing thing' she was doing came naturally. As a college student, social media was the obvious way to spread her healthy message. Shelby focused on creating her Facebook page in the image of her new self ~ happy, beautiful, fit, confident, fun and energetic ~ and started attracting others who wanted the same things.

Shelby has now helped well over 40 new Team mates find their own healthy lifestyle ~ and made several thousand dollars along the way ! "I have learned to silence my fears and self-doubt and go after the life I truly desire."

"Isagenix is SO, SO much more than just a nutrition company. It has taken me, a 21 year old college student, and basically given me a blank canvas that is my life, and I get to paint WHATEVER I WANT!"

One of Shelby's Team members is her "incredible" boyfriend Rob Brandt.
Rob too never really thought of himself as overweight.

Sure at 26 he had put on a few 'comfort pounds' since his Division 1 soccer days in college. Still, he had run a few Marathons and even a half-Ironman.

"I'm still fit.", he told himself, "I just don't have the body for 6-pack abs." That attitude changed completely when he saw Shelby's Isagenix transformation first-hand.

Training for his first full Ironman, Rob really needed something that would help shed a few pounds and fuel his performance. "I knew that there was another level of health I could get to. And if I tapped into that new level it would be a domino effect for the rest of my athletic endeavors."

Rob's first experience with Isagenix 7 years before hadn't impressed him. At 19, he had tried the products, but, without any guidance, hadn't really seen any results. This time though, Shelby's results were right there in font of him and her entire Isagenix Team were there to support and guide him through the Program.

Rob signed up for his 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program and soon saw his training and performance hit a whole new level. "I feel like a new person. Now I wake up every morning before my alarm clock with energy and not that groggy feeling I used to have."

Now 20 pounds lighter, Rob has gone on to complete both an Ironman and an Ultra Marathon ~ fueling his body with only Isagenix Products and the healthy grocery list. His new passion is sharing the Isagenix opportunity with friends ~ coaching them and watching their own life-changing transformations.

"Isagenix has changed my life forever. I am extremely grateful for this company and all the amazing people in it who have helped me achieve that next level."
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