Team Call 2016-05-11

May 11, 2016
Meet Mike Cavalcante and Abby O'Neill.
This week:
" Building Freedom " ~ This week's guests started on a journey to find better health and vitality and accomplished so much more. Along the way they have helped hundreds of others realize the same goals and have achieved both financial freedom and time freedom.

Meet Mike Cavalcante and Abby O'Neill.
Mike didn't start out on his Isagenix journey looking for a completely new lifestyle.

His job in corporate sales meant long days on the road. Constantly tired and out of shape, Mike was drinking two unhealthy energy drinks a day and napping in his car just to keep himself awake through meetings.

When his wife Joanna was introduced to Isagenix by Tara Romano and started her 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Mike was skeptical. Joanna's results however, soon changed his mind. She was so filled with energy and enthusiasm she was bouncing off the walls! With the living proof right in front of him, Mike signed up for his own 30-Day Isagenix Program.

Mike's results were every bit as impressive as his wife's. He regained his natural energy. He lost weight, performed better at work and at the gym and now had the most amazing mental clarity and focus. Sharing these amazing products with friends and building their Isagenix business was a natural next step.

Within a year, the money that Mike and Joanna were making in their part-time Isagenix business allowed them to start the family they hadn't been able to afford before. The only downside was that Mike only had 1 week off work after their son Jake was born.

Now their goal was to build their Isagenix business faster so Mike could retire from his corporate job. Mike began finding more and more time to devote to growing their Isagenix dreams ~ often making calls from his car between sales meetings.

Mike is now proud to say that in just 2 years since starting Isagenix he and Joanna replaced Mike's income and brought him home! He has officially 'retired' from Corporate America to devote all his time to his family and to building their Isagenix future together.

Having now achieved a rank of 6-Star, what started as a quest for more energy has turned into a new lifestyle of healthy vitality and financial freedom for Mike and Joanna.

A Team member who now shares the same freedom is Abby O'Neill.
A busy entrepreneur running her own nanny service and mother of 2, Abby struggled to find balance in her life while still trying to lose the baby weight from her last pregnancy.

A chance meeting with Joanna while on vacation in 2008 was her first link to the possibility of change.

Years later, following Joanna's amazing transformation on facebook, Abby, reached out to find out more. When Joanna replied with an explanation of Nutritional Cleansing, Abby thought the whole idea was crazy ~ this couldn't possibly be real ~ and just ignored it.

Discovering a relative who was an enthusiastic Isagenix product user changed her mind. Maybe there was something to this after all! Nothing else she tried seemed to work... and there was a 30-day money back guarantee... So, back in touch with Joanna, Abby ordered her first 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

Within a few weeks Abby was convinced. She felt amazing and the pregnancy weight finally began dropping off. She felt so good, she was obliged to share with family, friends and anyone who would listen. As she transformed physically ~ eventually shedding 60 pounds and 80 inches ~ she transformed internally as well. Gone was that struggling, emotionally unstable person she had once been.

The new confident, energetic and driven Abby closed her nanny business in July of 2015 to pursue her Isagenix passion full-time. Her husband joined her and the blueprint of their family's financial future changed completely. Abby's passion, absolute belief in the Isagenix products and hard work has certainly paid off.

"Two months ago, while enjoying an Isagenix all expenses paid trip to Mexico, our business hit the rank advancement of 3-Star, which, for those who don't know, is a six-figure income. Exactly 4 weeks later, our business hit the next rank of 4-Star."

"Isagenix has allowed me to take control of my health and my family's future. It has allowed me to inspire hundreds of others to do exactly the same thing ~ dream again, live their truth, and believe they are worth all their desires." says Abby.
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